A Vegan’s Guide To Plant-Based Dishes In Indian Cuisine
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India is a wonderful country for vegetarians as you will probably not find this vast variety of vegetarian dishes anywhere else in the world. Also, it is one of the few countries that makes full use of milk-based products like butter, ghee, curd, and buttermilk in making so many dishes. However, the vegan movement in India has been equally popular even before the rise of veganism as a trend. Even though Indians might not have given these dishes a particular categorical name, these have been cooked in Indian households for many years. Let's look at some of these vegan Indian dishes that you can make at home.

* Chana Masala

Chana masala is a very famous north Indian dish that you can eat with a variety of breads and even rice. It is a spicy mixture of boiled chickpeas and tomato-based purée that is extremely flavourful. To add extra flavours, plenty of ginger, garlic, onion, and other spices are used to make this curry. It is a vegan recipe except for ghee which can be easily replaced by vegetable oil in India. You can also use some plant-based ghee or oil at home.

* Dal Chaawal

Dal chawal is the soul food for many Indian people and is prepared  across India. Depending upon the region, the dal and the chawl are prepared in different ways. Dal is lentil and Chawal is rice. The dal is prepared by making a lentil soup with lots of spices and vegetables. Generally, people add onions and tomatoes to the dal but you can also add any other vegetables of your choice since there is no particular rule. You can add lots of jeera and vegetables to your rice to give it that extra flavour.

* Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is a very traditional Kashmiri recipe that is made by using small deep-fried potatoes mixed with spicy gravy. Although it originates from the Kashmir region, it has now become extensively popular throughout the country. You can find this dish easily at most restaurants in and across India. It is a vegan recipe. Some people like to use cream or curd and make the gravy, but you can replace this with almond milk or some other vegan alternative.

* Vegetable Pulao

This is a celebratory dish for many Indian households and is made by mixing rice with a lot of vegetables and spices. It is the perfect option for people who do not consume meat and still want to enjoy the flavourful taste of rice cooked with lots of crunchy vegetables and aromatic spices. This can also be called the Indian version of fried rice. You can use a lot of cloves, coriander, Cardamon, Mind, nutmeg, and pepper mace to make this delicious pulao recipe. 

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* Rajma

Rajma is yet another very famous north Indian dish that is made by combining red kidney beans with a thick gravy that is primarily made out of ginger, garlic and tomato. Even though kidney beans do not have an Indian origin, these are thoroughly enjoyed by people, especially across the northern states of India. You can eat this with naan bread, roti, Paratha and even rice. Make sure that you garnish your rajma with a lot of coriander leaves before serving them.


* Masala Dosa

South Indian cuisine also has a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. Dosa is one of the most popular South Indian dishes that is made from a batter of fermented rice and pulses. On the side, a vegetable curry called Sambar is prepared that is tangy and spicy. It is very popular in the Southern part of India and is a steeple breakfast for numerous people. Masala Dosa is also very popular in Sri Lanka. Avoid using curd in the fermentation process and replace it with some other option.

* Hara Bhara Kabab

As the name suggests, this kebab is made out of green vegetables and some chickpea flour. It gives the much-needed nutrients to your body and is also the perfect evening snack to avoid any kind of junk food. These are small patty-like structures that look very similar to falafel but have different ingredients. You can also use boiled potatoes and green peas to add to your Hara Bhara kebab.

These are some vegan dishes from Indian cuisine that we can try making at home. Most of these can be made from the simple ingredients that are already available at your home. People have a perception that vegan food requires you to go over the board and buy expensive products from the market. But looking at these recipes you can easily understand that vegan food is quite budget-friendly. You just have to pre-plan your menu.