A Summer Breakfast Loaded With Mangoes, Say What?
Image Credit: Freepik, From mango smoothie to mango parfait, try these yummy ideas.

It is a hot summer day and you don’t feel like stepping out. You want to stay in and spend the day under the air-conditioner. Entering the kitchen in the morning and racking your brain to make a yummy breakfast is a task. While there are plenty of things going on in the back of your head, it becomes slightly difficult to make something elaborate. The best way to start your day is by eating the seasonal items. Consuming foods that are available in abundance during a particular season is a good idea because what’s in season is going to be fresh and healthy. Be it fruits or vegetables, it is always stressed that you should eat those with high water content during summers. And when you think of summers, think mangoes. 

Mangoes are rightly called the king of fruits. The tropical fruit generally oozes of sweetness and has a dozen varieties in India alone. It is an edible stone fruit that is believed to have roots in neighbouring countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh. What makes mangoes ideal during this season is the fact that they aren’t just a sweet fruit but with high water content too. It is said that they comprise of approximately 83% of water. The versatility with which mangoes are used are also great. Pick Safeda, Alphonso, Dussehri or any other and you’d be amazed at how creatively mangoes can be used. 

Want to include mangoes in your breakfast? Here are some recipes that you can try.

Mango Breakfast Ideas

1.  Mango Smoothie 

Filled with the goodness of mango pulp, the smoothie is all things creamy and sweet. This is an interesting recipe, made with ripe mangoes and bananas. While mangoes add sweetness, bananas are good for a creamy touch. Blend them together with green tea bags in boiling water and pop in some ice. For added sweetness, pour honey and you are good to go. 

2.  Mango Pancakes 

If you like pancakes for breakfast, you’ll love this recipe. The pancake batter is made with mashed bananas and mangoes, whipped together with flour, baking powder and salt. Once it forms a thick batter, it is poured on a pan in a circular shape and cooked from both sides. You can serve it with a drizzle of honey and some mango chunks on top. 

3.  Oats Mango Parfait 

Parfait, for the unversed, is a French dessert. Very creamy in texture and made with a variety of items, mango parfait works best for summers. This can serve as a great breakfast option. Layer the jar with cooked oats, Greek yoghurt and muesli and mango puree. Top it with mango chunks and set it in the freezer to chill. 

4.  Mango Salsa 

Dice the mangoes into smaller cubes. Chop some green chillies, bell peppers, onions and garlic. Toss it all together in a bowl. Add a dash of salt and red chilli and combine it well. The fruity, fresh and crunchy mango salsa is ready. You can also think of it as a desi mango chaat. 

5.  Mango Nut Bread 

Eat it for breakfast or save it for dessert, this mango-flavoured bread works best in both cases. Chopped mangoes and walnuts are chopped and the all-purpose flour, egg whites and baking soda batter is prepared. This batter is then spread in a container and topped with some mangoes and walnuts. The soft and moist bread is taken out once it is golden-brown.