A Slice Of Charles-Diana’s Wedding Cake Sold For At Auction
Image Credit: The royal family had issued a formal announcement regarding the same and now it is sold.

When a movie star gets married, it becomes big news. But when a member of the royal family ties the knot, it is recorded in history. That’s how grand and lavish was King Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding affair. The wedding took place in 1981, but people still remember the magnificence and grandeur of the celebrations. However, what brings us back to this day is a recent announcement made by the royal family.

The royal family auctioned a slice of the huge wedding cake. You ask, how? Well, it is quite an interesting discovery that one of the guests at the wedding, Nigel Ricketts, had preserved a slice of one of the 23 official wedding cakes for years. Unfortunately, he passed away last year, following which the Dores and Rees Auctions sent out an official announcement from the royal family, stating that the slice of cake will be auctioned.

The slice was taken from a huge centrepiece fruitcake that had multiple layers, according to a report by ANI. While the news comes as a surprise for everyone in the UK, it was estimated that the slice would be sold for GBP 300, which is approximately ₹27,000. However, now that the auction is complete, the 41-year-old slice of cake was sold for GBP 170, which is quite less than the estimated price. It is not just the cake that has been saved from the wedding. In fact, the wedding attire and jewelry have also been put up on display.

This isn’t the first slice of royal wedding cake to be auctioned in the last few years. Another slice of this five-foot tall cake was auctioned in 2014, and sold at a whopping price of GBP 1,375, which amounts to over ₹1 lakh. The wedding was quite a royal affair and attended by about 3,000 guests. Out of the 23 cakes, it seems like this cake has garnered the most attention. Would you like to buy a slice too or do you think it’s gross?