A New Vegetarian Experience Has Landed In Mumbai's Kamala Mills

Mumbai is a city you can romanticise for many things. The sea views, the spirit, the vivacity, but not so much for its corporate jungle views. Millo, a new vegetarian restaurant in Lower Parel has had to contend with that reality by creating an oasis of peace inside the frenetic world of Kamala Mills. The large two-storey space with a casual veranda out front exudes a calming air, sort of like the physical embodiment of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Take a seat on the lower deck with smaller, cafe-style tables and bar stools or head upstairs for a cosier vibe. Minnie Bhatt of Minnie Bhatt Design has lent her touch to the space to create a warm and inviting space with timeless elegance. “Millo is a warm, cosy, relaxing all-day dining place where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.” says owner Sujit Mehta.

Start with a cocktail and truly start the festive fun. Each of their uniquely crafted drinks is made in honour of different festivals of the world such as the Shades Of Emerald with green apple, elderflower and basil to honour the verdant hues of St. Patricks Day. Or try the Flavourful Sphere which honours notes that are closer to home with turmeric and tart grapefruit to echo the refreshing celebration of Holi. Their cocktails are also made sustainably so you can sip responsibly.

Millo, which here stands for unite echoes the fine-dining menus of Ahmedabad where everything from a modern Mexican to a classic cosy Indian dish gets representation. The dishes range all over the world and your tastebuds could travel to new countries from a seat at Millo. They take care to make dishes that work in tandem with the local palate and look pretty as a picture while doing so. 

Try one of their delectable starters while you settle in to wait for your meal. These small plates act as perfect bar bites to nibble while you sip your cocktail. The Parmesan Churros are a dependable choice with deep-fried, crumb-coated cheese and a tangy Tajin seasoning, you’ll find yourself hard-pressed not to eat the whole plate. The Jackfruit Tacos are also an interesting choice with the hard shells loaded with spiced jackfruit, raw onion and tomatoes, it feels like a meeting point between chaat and tacos.

On their main menu, you can go Italian with luscious pasta or thin crust pizzas or head east with a Donburi Rice Bowl, a vegan meal packed with crunchy veggies and edamame that has a feeling of nostalgia like old-school Asian kitchens of yore. Though their menu is entirely vegetarian, they have taken special care to make diet-friendly options available wherever possible, “Food at Millo has a quirky take on vegetarian recipes from all over the globe and focuses more on Mexican, Italian & European cuisines with a diverse range of vegan & plant-based food.” says Mehta,

After dark, Millo transforms from cosy to high energy and the music is ready to carry you away. So whether you’re looking for a quiet afternoon or a high-octane evening, Millo is ready to oblige