A New Fusion Recipe Puts Oreos And Fried Rice In A Wok

A new, bizarre food combo that will definitely take foodies by storm is the Oreo fried rice, a fusion that is bringing together these tasty chocolate biscuits with good old fried rice. A video has gone viral on the internet which shows a detailed preparation of the dish made using this unlikely combination of foods.

While foodies and culinary enthusiasts are all about celebrating fusion, this dish that weaves together cream biscuit with the tastes of Asian sauces and the crunch of vegetables for a chocolate fried rice recipe, takes creative food combos to a whole new level. One is left wondering whether it should be served as a main course or dessert! 

In the video, the creative cook can be seen making a sauce of sorts out of crushed biscuits and oil tossed in a wok. In the same vessel goes steamed rice along with some vegetables and salt. Next comes the soy sauce which brings this fusion dish together to then be garnished with spring onions and carrots. The rice is served warm and hot for all those who would dare to try! 

There is no denying that this is a rather strange but very intriguing combo. Adding chocolate to savoury dishes is hardly a new phenomenon. From chocolate sandwiches to vinegar and chocolate syrup, this favourite sweet treat is often paired with savoury ingredients. If that's not enough, the cookie pizza, which brings together biscuits and a slice of pizza lathered in tomato sauce and cheese, had indeed become wildly popular a few years ago. And what’s more, Oreos have also been used to churn out crispy, crunchy pakoras as afternoon snacks.

The biscuit with its chocolatey exterior and creamy interior is a favourite among kids and adults alike and is generally enjoyed with milk or in milkshakes and even in other sweet treats like cheesecakes and custards.  

Yet, fusion dishes inherently bring together unlikely, unimagined combinations to whip up something delicious that titillates the flavour buds. Some very popular fusion recipes have included the noodle dosa, the pav bhaji pizza and even the Chinese vada pav which is coated in Sichuan sauce. These varied delicacies have become popular as much for the coming together of different tastes as for the blend of cuisines from the east and west. 

As well, Asian food like fried rice, noodles, chilli and stir fries have long enjoyed popularity as fine dining dishes as well as popular street foods. Culinary concoctions that experiment with Asian food is hardly surprising, but pairing these two beloved dishes in a fried rice fusion is ingenious indeed! Tell us in the comments below if you would venture to cook or taste this dish that has intrigued netizens!