A Must-Try Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe For Your Late-Night Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels.

A mid night craving is something that almost everyone of us has faced, as soon as the clock strikes past twelve. As we dream of eating the cheesiest of pizzas and the slurpiest of pastas, to our dismay, all our favourite food outlets either shut or close delivery services so late at night. In search of a recipe that’s easy to make and tastes delicious, we find ourselves going through our tempting Instagram feeds. Rarely, do we come across something that we haven’t eaten before. Confronted by recipes that are too fusion friendly to be tasty or recipes that are way too complicated for an amateur chef, we fall back to sleep, often on a hungry tummy. 

This is going to change now. The recipe that we are about to share with you for a delectable mid night treat is surely going to be a game changer. Part of this recipe, if prepared before hand and stocked, can help you whip up a quick fried sandwich within minutes. Therefore, it is our advise to you that you keep the ingredients ready and marinated in your fridge, before you hit the bed. This will save you time when hunger pangs strike as you would have all the ingredients at your disposal and the cooking process would be much more speedy. Better than eating Maggie noodles over and over again, would be giving this healthy recipe a try.