A Huge Thali Marks Neena Gupta’s Delicious Weekend Indulgence
Image Credit: Neena Gupta/Instagram, A huge thali for this actress

If there’s anything about this actress that surprises us more than her immense acting talent is her love for food. Neena Gupta has been in the industry for long enough to carve a niche for herself. With novel and interesting projects coming her way, the actress is set to revive her career and with it, her social media presence too. Her love for food has not been hidden from her followers and this huge thali is proof. 

Recently, Neena Gupta took to her Instagram stories to share a glimpse of her weekend indulgence. On Saturday, she was spotted enjoying a lavish meal with a friend at a restaurant. Our immediate attention was caught by the food on her table. Two large thalis, with several small katoris or bowls were placed in a symmetric way on the plate. In each of them, one could see a mix of curry-based and dry subzis. 

There was a bowl of curd on the side, along with a few other delicious treats paired with it. There was papad and lots of pooris to be eaten with the subzis. The actress happily posed for the camera with her friend and both looked quite satiated after finishing most of the thali. For the unversed, thali is steel-based sectioned plate that is commonly used in Indian meals. 

Indian Thali

This is a traditional way of eating wherein compartments are made for each subzi, curd, roti, rice etc. While the culture of eating in a thali might not be that common these days, it is getting revived slowly and gradually. Well, if you thought Neena only likes to eat, you’re mistaken. The 63-year-old actress loves to cook too. In the past, she has shared her cooking adventures on social media. 

This one time she cooked a healthy cheela recipe for breakfast. Another time, she was making us drool with her take on missal pav and left everyone slurping. Once she was also spotted making a Gujarati snack called Khandvi. Then, she tried to give a delicious spin to lauki in her kitchen too. She also shared quick tips to grind jeera on her stories on another occasion.