A Comprehensive Guide To Using Rum In Cocktails
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Rum is one of the most celebrated spirits owing to its smooth flavour and luscious texture. Prepared from sugarcane in the 1700s, rum is the hero ingredient in several beloved cocktails, including the delightful piña colada and the fruity mai tai. In addition to these tropical delights, rum is a fixture in several winter special cocktails, such as hot buttered rum. The spirit is considered an effective antidote to cold and cough infections, therefore, it’s extensively consumed in winter months.

Did you know that several varieties of rum exist? These include gold rum, white rum, spiced rum, flavoured rum, and so on. Each of these rums are imbued with their own unique qualities and characteristics. However, all of these flavours may not be ideal for each and every cocktail and concoction. It’s vital to know which type of rum blends well with a particular given cocktail to ensure that the final drink is pleasing and inviting.

Check out the below guide to using rum in cocktails.

Which Rum Should Be Paired With Mojito?

Traditionally, light or white rum is considered the ideal choice for crafting mojitos. The easy and mildly sweet taste of this rum strikes a nice balance with the intense and invigorating kick provided by the mint and lime elements present in the cocktail.

Which Rum Should Be Blended With Coke?

Rum and coke is a classic combination. For a premium quality drink, you could opt for a nice light rum or a more intense spiced rum, depending on your likes and preferences. Most experienced bartenders and mixologists tend to go for a dark rum because its gives the resulting cocktail a richer flavour profile.

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Which Rum Should Be Bought For Homemade Cocktails?

When considering this question, think about which specific flavours please your palate and what sort of cocktails you want to make. If you are planning to make tropical cocktails that aim to rejuvenate one’s taste buds, then go for a lighter rum. For stronger and more textured drinks, use a dark rum to elevate the taste profile of the beverage.

Which Rum Should Be Used In Piña Coladas?

A white or light rum is usually recommended for piña coladas. This is because the aforementioned rum varieties are quite subtle in flavour; they enable the fruity notes of the pineapple and coconut to come through without overshadowing the entire drink. Ensure to balance the flavours of the rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice while concocting this drink to prevent too much emphasis on any one element.

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Which Rum Should Be Used For Daiquiris?

Daiquiris are enthralling lime-based cocktails that are savoured for their energising flavour. A light or white rum is preferable for this drink as it elevates the taste of the lime. However, some people prefer darker rums in their daiquiris to make for a stronger drink; so, ultimately, this comes down to personal taste.

Which Rum Should Be Used For A Rum Punch?

For a rum punch, ensure to select a medium-bodied rum that is versatile and blends well with the other ingredients of the drink. It’s critical to strike an equilibrium between the sweetness, acidity, and intensity of the cocktail. Interestingly, several mixologists prefer to use a dark rum for a rum punch to infuse the drink with a sliver of sweet and spicy flavours.

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Which Rum Should Be Used For A Mai Tai?

The mai tai is a unique cocktail, the original recipe of which incorporates a fusion of light and dark rum. So, generously combine dark rum with your white rum of choice, and enjoy the resulting revitalising cocktail. You can select the quantities of the rum basis your personal preference.

Image Credits: By Johnny Silvercloud - Mai Tai, CC BY-SA 2.0/Wikimedia Commons

Which Rum Should Be Used For A Hurricane Cocktail?

Invented in New Orleans, Louisiana, this evergreen cocktail is esteemed for its fruity and tropical taste profile. Like the mai tai, its authentic version calls for a blend of dark and light rum, in accompaniment with the stipulated fruit juices and sweeteners. Modify the rum choice and measure out the quantities per your palate.

Which Rum Should Be Used For Dark And Stormy?

This one is quite straightforward. The world-famous cocktail is made by combining ginger beer with dark rum. Therefore, don’t hesitate to mix generous quantities of your favourite dark rum with beer. This drink caters to those who have a taste for stronger cocktails.

Which Rum Should Be Used For Hot Buttered Rum?

As stated for other concoctions as well, the choice of rum here should be customised depending on one’s personal choice and tastes. However, the traditional hot buttered rum recipe does demand a dark version; dark rum is recommended here because its enriching and slightly caramel-tinged notes work wonderfully in this cocktail.