A CG Dosa In Vijay Deverakonda's New Film Has Netizens In Splits

At a time when overreliance on CGI is a raging debate in the film industry, Indian films may be taking things a tad too far! Vijay Deverakonda and Mrunal Thakur’s newly released film The Family Star which received positive reviews has left viewers amused with something unexpected. Turns out, in one of the scenes starring Deverakonda the film features a CG dosa!

Film critic Ram Venkat Srikar took to social media to share his amusement with this. “Not even in my weirdest fever dreams did I imagine that I’d see a CG dosa in a Telugu film,” he wrote. Naturally, his post found many responses as viewers made fun of the movie’s CGI dosa and also pointed out that a real dosa would probably be cheaper.

“Taking things for granted.. at any corner in AP,TG you will get that in 5mins. For that they used CG, that shows their interest on cinema,” wrote a follower. Antoher said, “But why ?! U should make a video/post someday about unnecessary CGI in telugu movies which indicates lack of skill in one way!”

Another X user compared the new wave of Indian movies to Christopher Nolan’s films. “One side Nolan is creating nuclear bombs naturally wid our CG work, and another side our Nolan petla creating CG Dosa... this shows how lazy and relaxed our mve makers became and taking audience granted,” he wrote.

The film reportedly also uses CG to depict some other simple foods, like cooked chicken. Viewers pointed out how CGI was almost completely unnecessary for recreating foods which are easily available. Moreover, netizens find it ironic that a film focused on a middle-class family would have to bring in CG to create simple Indian food digitally. 

Not only that, some X users even compared this CG sequence to more successful instances, like the movies of SS Rajamouli. “Except rajamouli other directors need not touch CG at all as they are pulling down the standards set by him and making our movies a troll material for other industries,” an X user wrote.