A Beginner’s Guide To Basic Kitchen Must-Haves
Image Credit: Unsplash

Setting up a kitchen can be challenging as much as it is fun. Of course, if you’ve already had the experience of managing one previously, it seems like cakewalk when you have to do it twice over. But when you’re a novice to cooking or the kitchen, in general, it can seem like quite the daunting task. To help you manage your expectations of yourself and not be intimidated by the process, we’ve made a list of five really basic must-haves; apart from the usual appliances like a refrigerator or food processor, that can help you get started and build as you go.

Glass Storage Containers

Although plastic counterparts are cheaper, glass jars not only add aesthetic value to your kitchen shelves but are a sustainable option to store grains and spices or even cooked food in. Glass containers also help in locking in the flavour of food and keeping things fresh for longer.


Cast Iron Skillet/Frying Pan

Even if it is just eggs that you plan on cooking or tossing together a clean-the-fridge fried rice, having one solid skillet or frying pan is the cornerstone of a well-equipped kitchen. A cast iron skillet is a versatile utensil, in that, it serves more purposes than one; practically allowing one to prepare three solid meals without the need for too many dishes.

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Kitchen Knife

Perhaps one of the most underrated things in the kitchen, the knife can make or break a cooking experience. The feeling of seamlessly chopping and cutting through vegetables or meat is unmatched when you have a good kitchen knife and might we say, it somehow, always ends up positively affecting how good your food tastes.

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Cutting Board

If you’re going to invest time in finding the right kitchen knife for yourself, it’s only fair that you get a large cutting board to match. Apart from its obvious utility to prep ingredients for a meal, it doubles up as a great working surface to knead and roll out dough, and even set up your mis en place.

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 Mixing Bowls

Bowls in all sizes are a great investment while setting up a kitchen, no matter where you are. They’re ideal to toss salads, marinate meats, and even storing leftovers. Buying a set of bowls is helpful for its multipurpose utility and to create some sense of uniformity in the kitchen.

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Rice Cooker

Having a rice cooker outnumbers the disadvantages of not having one, in the manifold. Even if you haven’t developed the culinary skills of fixing yourself a full meal, making rice in one of these is possibly the easiest, most convenient way of ensuring that a part of your meal is homecooked and nutritious. Throw together a salad or an omelette on the side and a balanced meal is at your fingertips!

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