9 Innovative Ways To Enjoy Sada Khakhra
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The cuisine of Gujarat is a confluence of many flavours and various cooking practices that have been followed in the geographical area for hundreds of years. Gujarat is not just famous for its heavy-duty curries and main course dishes but also a lot of light and enticing snacks. Most Gujarati people like to start the day with a cup of tea and some khakhra or thepla on the side. 

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Khakhra is a crunchy papad-like snack that is made from whole wheat flour and some traditional Indian spices. It is really good for health and even a lot of doctors suggest this snack as a healthier substitute for unhealthy chips and dip-fried snacks. The best part about eating khakhra is that it is quite versatile and people can eat it in a lot of different ways. Here are some innovative ways of eating sada khakhra.

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* Khakhra Makhan With Chutney

Eating khakhra with some white homemade butter and green chutney is the most soulful way of eating this snack. One has to simply spread some white butter on the top of the khakhra and then put a layer of some coriander chutney along with a little bit of peanut chutney. If one wants to go extra creative, then they can also sprinkle some gunpowder on the top.

* Khakhra With Chai

As written above, most Gujarati people love to have some crunchy khakhra with a cup of masala chai early in the morning. This is not just a quick meal, but also an easy way to recharge the mind and get ready for the day ahead. One can simply take a bite of khakhra and then sip on tea or eat khakhra after dipping it in the tea. The combination of savoury and sweet is quite delicious.

* Khakhra With Ghee 

For people who do not like having white butter or yellow butter, an alternative is to use ghee. Some homemade pure ghee can be simply spread on the top of khakhra and then one may sprinkle some dry chutney on the top of it. It is delicious, creamy, and quite droolsome.

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* Khakhra And Pickle

Anyone who is a fan of tantalising Indian pickles must try the combination of khakhra and pickles at least once. The sada khakhra has mild flavours of salt, red chilli, and black pepper that go well with the robust flavours of pickles. Mango pickle is one such pickle that goes extremely well with khakras and it is something that will make you want to eat more and more of the combination.

* Khakhra And Jam

Khakhra and jam may not sound very promising, but it is surely worth a try. A person can take a regular unseasoned version of khakhra and then spread some jam on top. One may take strawberry jam, chiku jam or any other fruit spread of their choice. This can be a perfect meal for kids for their breakfast. 

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* Pizza Khakhra

Pizza Khakhra is delicious, decadent, and very cheesy. It is a healthier version of regular pizza, as instead of using a pizza base made from all-purpose flour, one can simply take a khakhra. On top of khakhra, one has to put some pizza sauce and vegetables along with a lot of mozzarella cheese. The assortment of all these ingredients can be kept inside the microwave or even on the top of the pan and cooked until the cheese properly melts.

* Masala Khakhra

Masala khakhra is a khakhra version of masala papad. The snack truly embodies the spirit of Indian streetside snacks. It is made by spreading the layer of tamarind and coriander chutney on the khakhra and then putting some chopped onion and tomatoes on top. The final step is to sprinkle some chaat masala, salt, and red chilli powder. 

* Khakhra Papad Churi

Khakhra papad churi is made by crushing a full-size khakhra in a large bowl, and then adding some salt, tomatoes, and boiled potatoes into the mixture. Now one has to add cumin seed powder, chilli, salt, and some desi ghee, and mix everything well. One may also add some green chutney or peanut chutney for that extra flavour.

* Khakhra Ghee And Sugar

Khakhra ghee and sugar are soulful, satisfactory and a feel-good snack that one can make. It will be equally enjoyed by children as well as adults. To make this dish, one has to take a khakhra and then spread some desi ghee on top of the snack. Then sprinkle some powdered sugar and serve it as it is. If one wants to make this snack extra creamy then they may also use malai and spread it on the khakhra along with desi ghee and sugar.