9 Unconventional Guacamole Recipes To Try At Home
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Guacamole is quite simple to make at home. The most authentic form of guacamole doesn't contain any over-the-top ingredients and is pretty basic to make at home. One can simply make this flavourful dish by using some mashed avocados along with flavourful herbs and a handful of other vegetables. Guacamole can be paired with different types of chips and even small bread sticks. 

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This can become a perfectly healthy and delicious appetiser for social gatherings and even a snack while watching movies. Usually, people are acquainted with just one or two recipes for making guacamole. But there are hundreds of guacamole recipes that one can try making at home. All of these are made using some basic ingredients, and yet the taste is so different and unique in their own way. Here are the top guacamole recipes that are a must-try for everyone.

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* Corn Guacamole 

This is the perfect guacamole recipe for all the people who like their dish to be chunky and full of crunchy vegetables. It also has a slight pop of sweetness along with zesty lemon flavours. To spice it up, a lot of herbs and spices are added to the dish. It is made by primarily using mashed avocados along with boiled corn. A lot of fresh vegetables, along with lemon juice and spices, are added to complete this recipe.

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* Sun Dried Tomato Guacamole 

The sun-dried tomato guacamole takes one directly to a beachside in Italy. This is the life-changing recipe that is going to transform the way that people look at guacamole. The sun-dried tomato guacamole is made by using chopped and sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, lemon juice, and mashed avocados. The combination of all these ingredients tastes really good and can be paired with different types of snakes. It can also be used as a spread.

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* Bacon Guacamole 

Bacon Guacamole is the perfect recipe for all those people who like a subtle flavour of meat in their guacamole. This recipe is made by combining some fresh and mashed avocados with smoky chilli powder, crispy crumbles of bacon, and some lime juice. To conclude the recipe, sprinkle some salt on the top. One can pair different types of bread and chips with this transformative recipe and enjoy it. It also gets prepared within some minutes, so it is pretty easy to make.

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* Avocado Hummus

Avocado hummus is a simple and splendid recipe that is prepared within 10 minutes. It is an update to the regular hummus recipe that is made from chickpeas. It is made by a mixture of chickpeas and mashed avocados that are blended in a mixer to form a thick paste. Some chopped jalapeños are added to the mixture to make it more spicy and flavourful. The best way to eat this unconventional hummus is by pairing it with tortilla chips or Pita chips.

* Greek Yoghurt Guacamole 

Greek yoghurt guacamole is a PowerPad guacamole recipe that has all the essential nutrients and proteins. To make this simple and healthy dish, one has to simply cut some fresh vegetables and avocados and make a thick paste out of it. This mixture has to be mixed with some Greek yoghurt, and a very thick dip has to be made out of it. One can use this dip for various purposes, including as spreads, dips, salad dressing, and many more. 

* Garden Guacamole 

Garden guacamole, as the name suggests, is a beautiful mixture of different types of vegetables and fruits. It is made by using sweet corn, peaches, berries, and any other seasonal produce that one may like to add. In the mixture of these fruits, some mashed avocados are added along with fresh herbs and lime juice. As per their preference, one may either make a chunky mixture or a smooth paste out of these ingredients.

* Roasted Garlic Guacamole 

Roasted garlic guacamole is made using some roasted garlic, as the name suggests. A lot of spices, along with jalapeños and herbs like basil and Rosemary, are also added to this guacamole. One can make their work easy by simply using pickled jalapeños, as they're already infused with a lot of necessary herbs and spices. To give it a bit of a sweet taste, some caramelised onions can also be added. 

* Pineapple Guacamole 

The pineapple guacamole recipe deviates from the ordinary path of making guacamole. Pineapple is abundantly available during summer and is a very sweet and juicy fruit. Using pineapple to make guacamole is a very creative way of utilising its different flavours and wonderful texture. One has to simply slice some pineapples and mix them with avocados. For the finishing touch, add some salt, black pepper and lemon juice.