9 Types Of Watermelons Grown Around The World
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Watermelon is a fruit that is grown in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is known for its hard outer surface that is dark green to light green with juicy flesh inside that is red and very sweet. With over 1000 known varieties of watermelon, it is one of the most widely grown and diverse fruits in the world. 

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Watermelon is just not famous for its refreshing hydrating taste but is also really good for the skin. It is very rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C. The fruit also boosts collagen introduction in the body and makes the skin very supple and healthy. Summer is the perfect time to consume as much watermelon as one can by making different types of watermelon, smoothies, desserts or eating it as it is. Here are different types of watermelon species that one can try.


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* Crimson Sweet

Crimson Sweet is one of the most popular varieties of watermelon that is characterised because of its honey-like sweet flavour. It is also very refreshing and has a considerable water content. The flash of these watermelons is very deep red and it is abundantly grown in the United States of America. The seeds of these watermelons are very small and dark.

* Charleston Gray

Charleston gray is a type of watermelon that is known for its unique oblong shape and colour that is light green. The stripes of these watermelons are dark green. Charleston watermelons have a very crispy flesh that is moderate to very sweet. The fibre-free flesh of these watermelons is excellent for domestic consumption and for making different types of juices.

* Yellow Crimson

Yellow crimson is a very fascinating watermelon that has yellowish flesh with regular green and dark green outer surface. As compared to the regular red flesh watermelon, these watermelons are milder in taste and quite sweet. Earlier these watermelons used to be extremely rare. However, in the past few years, their cultivation has increased and now one can find them more easily.

* Sugar Baby

Sugar baby as the name suggests is a small size watermelon that has a dark green outer surface and a very sweet red flesh on the inside. This watermelon is famous because of its small and compact size. One sugar-baby watermelon is enough for a single person. These watermelons consist of a lot of healthy antioxidants and have well-defined grained flesh. 

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* Seedless

It is quite obvious from the name of these watermelons that seedless watermelons do not have any seeds. Some variants have very few seeds whereas the others have negligible seeds. Seedless watermelons are available in different types of shapes and sizes and can be cultivated as per one’s preference. Seedless watermelons have a very crispy flesh and are comparatively sweeter as compared to watermelons that have seeds.

* Orangeglo

Orangeglo watermelon has a bright orange flesh and reminds one of tropical fruity flavours. This variety of watermelons is generally more expensive as compared to the other varieties because of its distinctive colour and taste. The outer surface of these watermelons is very much like the conventional watermelons. The shape is generally oblong.

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* Ali Baba

Alibaba watermelons are very large and elongated watermelons. Mostly found in oblong shapes, these watermelons are quite heavy. Colour wise they are generally light green. This variety of watermelons is abundantly grown in India and has strikingly red flesh. The aroma of these watermelons is gravitating and has an excellent refreshing and sweet flavour. These watermelons are perfect for making different types of desserts. 

* Moon And Stars

Moon and stars as the name suggests is a type of watermelon species that has got its name because of the yellow spots on its surface. These yellow spots bear resemblance with twinkling stars, which is why this variety of watermelon is known as the moon and stars. The rind of these watermelons is dark green. The moon and star variety of watermelons have a pinkish-red flash that is sweet. These watermelons are generally considered exquisite. 

* Congo

Congo, also known as the Sweet Siberian watermelon is the type of watermelon that has an oblong shape and dark green stripes on the rind. The flesh of these watermelons is bright red and has very few black seeds. These watermelons need a very long time to be cultivated and a lot of space because of their long vines. They can only cultivate well in full sun and need at least a month for full maturity.