9 Late-Night Pickle Dishes For Extreme Savoury Cravings
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Indian pickles, also known as achaar, come in different varieties and flavours. The most popular variety of Indian pickle found in every home is definitely Aam Ka Achar. 

Mixed pickles and lemon pickles are also very popular along with mango pickles. No matter which pickle you have, make a midnight snack out of it. It is essential to analyse their flavours and mix them with other ingredients that can make a fuller meal, such as rice or noodles. 

Indian pickles are very strong in flavour; hence, adding them to flavourless things can have a delightful mixture, such as Achari sabji and Achari Kulcha. 

If one is looking for different kinds of snacks but has only leftover rice or noodles at home, they can try out these people's dishes to satisfy their extremely savoury midnight cravings for a good night's sleep. Here are the nine best-combined achar dishes one can have!

9 Pickled Dishes To Try For Midnight Cravings 

1. Pickled Rice

This dish is made with Leftover cooked rice, Mustard seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Turmeric powder, Chili powder, Salt, Oil, and Curry leaves. Simply cook them all together with rice in the pan. One should remember to put achaar accordingly to balance the taste. It's a perfect way to use leftover rice and create a unique and satisfying dish.

2. Pickled Noodles

Take some Leftover cooked noodles, Ginger-garlic paste, Green chillies, Turmeric powder, Chili powder, Coriander powder, Lemon juice, Oil, and Curry leaves. Boil the noodles and either stir fry them together or simply make a soupy broth and add noodles to make the taste according to your choice. This dish is sure to satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

3. Pickled Sabji

Take your veggie of choice, such as cauliflower, carrots, and green beans. Boil them, and go with a similar process in the pan, adding Mustard seeds, Fenugreek seeds, Red chilli powder, Turmeric powder, Coriander powder, Salt, Oil, and Vinegar or lemon juice. Avoid adding vinegar or lemon if one is adding lemon pickle or something sour. This dish is versatile and perfect with rice or roti.

4. Pickled Soup

If you are craving soup, take some Ginger-garlic paste, Turmeric powder, Cumin powder, Coriander powder, Red chilli powder, Salt, Oil, Vinegar or lemon juice. Mix everything in a small bowl and boil broth and veggies, similar to a Chinese hot pot. Add a choice of achar and the scope concentration to make a delightful soup. You can also add shredded chicken or fish to make it more filling. 

5. Achari Paratha

Craving aloo paratha at midnight? Add achar to the filling and see its pop flavours hitting the right spot, which has never happened before. Even if you have leftover parathas that have already been made. Simply heat it with the achar oil. This will give the same taste more quickly without any prep. It can be eaten with more achar or dahi to make up a filling snack.


6. Paneer Achar Bhurji

Bhurji at midnight is the go-to for most people. Make bhurji the same way, but mince it with the achaar you like before adding paneer. Add less oil to the pan as the paneer will be slathered with the achar. Top it with onions and tomatoes as desired. One can also add corn and peas to make it more tasty. Paneer Achar Bhurji is a flavorful and protein-rich dish that one can enjoy. 

7. Achari Dal

This dish is very simple to make; add achaar to the daal until it becomes savoury enough. You can also add lemon drops and achaar oil to temper it. A garnish of coriander and mint can make it more like soup, which can be enjoyed with rice and roti. If one thinks they have put in more achar, they can balance it by adding tomatoes or cream to the daal to make it less salty. 

8. Achari Chicken

Simply marinade the chicken as usual. It is good to add achar oil to infuse the taste. Also, you can grill the achaar for a more tangy flavour. Next, you can either grill or fry the chicken pieces to make delightful snacks at midnight. The chicken remains tender and juicy, while the masala coats as achaar oil mixes everything perfectly. 

9. Achari Aloo Chokha

Have leftover boiled potatoes? Don't throw them! Make a chokha out of it and temper it with spices and achar of choice. Use Mustard oil, Red chilli powder, Pickle masala, Onions, Green chilies, Salt, and Lemon juice. This dish is perfect alongside rice, roti, or dal and can be enjoyed at room temperature. Also, you can make Bombay sandwiches in a new version. 

These combos are very easy when made with hacks. But one should know about the proper achari dishes, too. The leftovers of achari dishes can be great with bread options in the middle of the night. A side of salad and juice would go perfectly around these savoury snacks when craving them at their peak.