9 Indian Dishes Make It To 50 Best Flatbreads List
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Every time Croatia-based food guide, Taste Atlas comes out with a well-compiled list of global dishes, foodies around the world get excited about flavours they should next explore. For Indian foodies, every time one of these lists pays homage to our favourite eateries or much-loved dishes, it really inspires us to celebrate those flavours that stand among the best in the world. This stands true for their latest list of 50 Best Flatbreads in the World. 

A whopping nine Indian dishes have made it to the list, ranging from Butter Garlic Naan to Paratha to the humble, everyday Roti. “Flatbreads have been enjoyed across different cultures for centuries, with each region adding its own distinct flavors and techniques to this culinary creation,” the caption accompanying the post by Taste Atlas said. “While determining the absolute best flatbread would be an impossible task for anyone, we've turned to mathematics and counted your votes - as we always do.” 

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While Malaysia’s delectable Roti Canai emerged at the top of the list—which looks quite a bit like Indian Churchur Naan but is made with flour, water, eggs and fat—India's Butter Garlic Naan made it to the second position. Here’s the whole list of Indian flatbreads that made it to the list and the ranking they got.  

Butter Garlic Naan: This garlic and butter flavours naan ranked second with a rating of 4.8 and is enjoyed with a wide range of Mughlai-origin dishes in India. 

Naan: There are many varieties of naan in India, and they all collectively ranked in the 4th position and got a rating of 4.6. 

Paratha: We all know there are innumerable varieties of paratha made in India and they collectively got a ranking of 8th and rating of 4.5. 

Amritsari Kulcha: This ghee-soaked, spicy kulcha that is always served with chana in Amritsar ranked 14th and was rated 4.5. 

Roti: The humble roti is made with a wide variety of flours across India and received a collective ranking of 16 and a rating of 4.4. 

Aloo Paratha: Perhaps the most popular variety of paratha cooked across India, this potato-packed goodie was ranked 29th with a rating of 4.3. 

Rumali Roti: Thin, flaky and utterly soft when made fresh, this roti variety ranked 34th with a rating of 4.3. 

Aloo Naan: This potato-loaded variety of naan received the ranking of 46 and the rating of 4.2. 

Kashmiri Naan: Stuffed with cherries, cashews and other nuts, this unique naan variety ranked 47th and was rated at 4.2.