9 Easy Alphonso Mango Recipes To Try Out This Summer Weekend
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Alphonso mango is primarily grown in the western region of India, mainly in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. The tropical climate of these states, with moderate to high humidity and plenty of sunshine and rainfall, provides ideal conditions for Alphonso mango cultivation.  

It can be used to prepare refreshing aam panna drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, ice creams, sorbets, jams, pickles and chutneys. The Alphonso mango pulp also works well in desserts, chaats, dips, curries, and rice dishes.  

Here are nine dishes that can be made with the Alphonso mangoes:  

Alphonso Mango Sorbet  

Alphonso mango sorbet is a delicious treat that offers a cool break from the heat of summer. To make the sorbet, ripe Alphonso mangoes are peeled, pitted, and pureed into a smooth pulp. The mango puree is combined with simple syrup and lime juice to balance the sweetness. This mixture is then churned in an ice cream maker to produce the scoopable sorbet.     

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Alphonso Amrakhand  

Blending together fresh mango puree and thick yoghurt creates a refreshing treat. A touch of cardamom and saffron add warmth and complexity. Served chilled in petite glass bowls and garnished with nuts and mango chunks, this amrakhand is the perfect dessert for summer weekends.   

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Alphonso Mango Frozen Yoghurt  

Alphonso Mango Frozen Yoghurt perfectly captures the sweet essence of alphonso mangoes. Whisked together with yoghurt, a touch of sugar, and lime juice, the mango puree creates a smooth, velvety base. Chilled before churning, the yoghurt transforms into a creamy frozen dessert.   

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Alphonso Mango And Blackberry Smoothie  

A refreshing and healthy mango-blackberry smoothie is made by blending together frozen mango chunks, frozen blackberries, yoghurt, honey, and milk. Blending all these ingredients together makes a nutritious beverage that is tasty and satisfying. This smoothie makes for a nutritious breakfast or snack, too.  

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Alphonso Mango Cheesecake  

This easy, no-bake mango cheesecake is a celebration of the sweet and juicy Alphonso mango.  This cheesecake starts with a cracker crust base. The cheesecake layer is infused with vanilla and cream cheese. Once cooled and set, the cheesecake is topped with a refreshing Alphonso mango puree. Decorate with mango slices in an overlapping pattern before serving this lush, no-bake cheesecake.  

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Alphonso Mango Salsa  

To make mango salsa, start by dicing ripe, golden Alphonso mangoes into small cubes. Next, finely chop a red onion, combining its pungent flavour with the fruit. Add diced red and green bell peppers. Don't forget the cilantro! Chop a generous bunch of fresh cilantro leaves. Gently toss all the diced ingredients together in a bowl. This tasty salsa pairs perfectly with chips or grilled fish.  

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Alphonso Mango Sticky Rice  

Mango sticky rice is a traditional Thai dessert made from mangoes and glutinous rice. The mangoes are cut into slices or cubes and paired with the rice, which is steamed until soft and sticky. Coconut milk is also added to the rice. Traditionally, the dish is topped with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds or mung beans. Mango sticky rice is commonly found at Thai restaurants or food stalls, served warm or chilled.   

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Alphonso Mango Smoothie  

A smoothie made with fresh Alphonso mango is simple yet delicious. All you need is ripe, juicy Alphonso mango flesh, plain yoghurt, and honey. Blend the mango pulp and yoghurt together until smooth. 

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The yoghurt provides creaminess. Pour into a tall glass and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg for extra flavour.   

Alphonso Mango And Avocado Salad  

Mango and avocado make a tasty salad that's easy to make. First, chop ripe Alphonso mangoes into cubes. Next, dice a ripe avocado into cubes too. Add some thinly sliced red onion for a pop of colour and crunch. Toss the mango, avocado, and onion together gently in a bowl.

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Squeeze fresh lime juice over everything. Mix again gently to coat. Enjoy this refreshing salad right away or refrigerate until ready to serve.