9 Awesome Aussie Snacks To Munch On With Your Cocktails
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Australia is widely regarded as a food lover’s haven for its unique and diverse array of snacks, which include classics in the vein of lamingtons and Tim Tams. Not only are these sweet treats hallmarks of Australian cuisine but they also have a global appeal as they are enjoyed the world over. What’s special about these Aussie sweet treats is that while they stand perfectly well on their own, they also pair unusually well with spirits and cocktails, oftentimes elevating the taste of both the food as well as the drink.

Similar to Lamingtons and Tim Tams, Vegemite is another authentic Aussie invention. However, while the former are cherished, Vegemite actually has quite a divisive reputation; people who taste it usually either love or hate this specialty. Thankfully, most of the Aussie snacks covered below in the article are popularly beloved and pleasurable to eat. Pair any of these snacks with a cold beverage or a chilled cocktail, and you are guaranteed to have a joyful and exhilarating experience.

Check out nine Australian snacks you can indulge in while sipping your cocktails.

Macadamia Nuts

Nuts and spirits have always been a classic combination, with salted peanuts typically served with chilled beer and cocktails in many parts of the world. Similarly, the macadamia nut, which is endemic to Australia, goes quite well with spirits like rum. These nuts possess a buttery and somewhat sweet flavour that provides a lovely balance to the complex undertones of rum. Whether roasted or flavoured with honey or sea salt, keep a bowl of macadamia nuts on hand with your cool glass of rum.

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Tim Tams

Tim Tams enjoy an esteemed status within Australian cuisine as they are regarded as the country’s favourite cookies. A chocolate enthusiast’s dream, this crispy biscuit comprises two layers of chocolate that hold a rich and luscious filling at the centre. Remarkably, the entire biscuit is coated in chocolate as well, making it a chocolicious delight. This snack pairs well with coffee-based cocktails, with the sweetness of the chocolate counteracting the bitterness of the coffee.

Vegemite on Toast

Vegemite is a dark-hued, typically salty spread that is prepared using yeast extract. As touched on earlier in the article, this is quite a polarising snack, as it is not everyone’s cup of tea and has a highly acquired taste. Aussie locals typically consume this delicacy on toast with some butter to add some dimension to the spread. It is served as both a breakfast and a snack item, and bars often serve Vegemite on toast with a pint of chilled beer.

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While Tim Tams are a big hit with chocolate lovers, twisties are a favourite among cheese loyalists. Essentially made of corn, twisties are available in a variety of flavours; however, the cheese-based twisties are undoubtedly the most popular. Twisties are known to pair well with gin or white rum cocktails. The crunchiness of the snack, coupled with the sweet yet mild flavours of gin or white rum, helps create a delightful symphony of flavours in one’s mouth.

Meat Pies

Aussie meat pies are savoury snacks that are usually filled with a concoction of minced meat, gravy, and spices. All these ingredients are layered into a crispy pastry, creating a wholesome and filling snack that is perfect for every occasion, whether you’re looking for an appetising evening snack option or enjoying an outing with friends and loved ones. Owing to their richness and bursts of flavour, meat pies go well with strong spirits, such as whiskey.

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Prawn Cocktail Chips

Essentially potato chips, these lip-smacking delights perfectly encapsulate the spirit of a classic prawn cocktail. The resulting dish is a harmonious marriage between the decadent flavour of the prawn and the tangy and crispy taste of the potato. Widely available in grocery stores as well as bars and restaurants throughout Australia, these chips pair well with almost all spirits, including whiskey, rum, and gin.

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac biscuits are an authentic Aussie snack that has a rich history attached to them, as they were originally crafted to be sent to soldiers during World War I. Prepared using oats, these biscuits strike an impressive balance between the mild flavour of the oats and the crunchy texture of the biscuit base. Pair them with an intense spirit like whiskey to experience how wonderfully the strong and rustic tones of whiskey intermingle with the chewiness of the biscuits.

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Fish and Chips

Similar to the UK, fish and chips are also a delicacy in Australia. This food has a nostalgic value attached to it as it features extensively in family dinners and during outings, such as beach days and picnics. The dish typically comprises battered fish that is served hot with crispy fried chips. Although this classic combination goes well with various drinks, it is best washed down with a pint of a fizzy beer.

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In Australia, snag is a type of barbecued sausage that is made from a host of meats, including beef and pork. Usually seasoned with garlic and grilled onions, and served with a side of mashed potatoes, this hearty snack is brimming with flavour. The meat’s earthy taste and texture make it compatible with a range of spirits, including intense alcohols like whiskey as well as lighter and more effervescent drinks, such as sparkling wine.