8 Unique Egg Dishes To Snack On This Winter

If you are bored of normal eggs and the same flavourings that make your snack bland, then you need to try out these simple egg dishes, which are easy, elegant and awesome. Eggs are one of the most made dishes in non-vegetarian and eggetarian households in India. 

Eggs go perfectly with Western and Indian authentic dishes on a snack table, complementing toast and rolls equally. Eggs are also very versatile and have lots of varieties which can be served. From Japanese eggs toast and masala omelette, there is a vast list of dishes that one can prepare within 20 minutes when it comes to eggs. There are also complicated and heavy dishes such as eggs benedict and soy marinated eggs that one can look up according to their taste and preference. 

Anything and everything goes perfectly with eggs, and eggs make everything tasty, hearty and delicious. Explore simple yet soulful eight eggy dishes to snack on that can make your day.

1. Egg Poach: Everyone is familiar with this dish, and it is regularly served in buffets, but the concept of runny eggs in Indian households is still very new. Poached eggs are very simple to make. One needs to drop an egg in the water and let it boil for 2 to 3 minutes until the white part has solidified. After taking it out, a little bit of salt and pepper with garlic powder can make a very nice snack with toast or tea. It can also be served with salted crackers.

2. Garlic Oil Omelette: Everyone has tasted omelettes, but have you ever tried a garlic oil omelette? No matter how you like your omelette, runny or dry, adding a little bit of Garlic oil to the pan and searing the omelette to its perfection can be a literal game changer. Frying the omelette in the oil infused with garlic will give a garlic texture to the omelette which will make it spicy and very aromatic. It is a perfect snack to change your taste and make your taste buds dance.

3. Soft-Boiled Soy Marinated Eggs: Soft-boiled marinated eggs in soy sauce are very popular in South Korea. Dark soya sauce and ginger garlic bits with lots of gochugaru and chilli flakes are added to make the sauce for marination. Soft-boiled eggs are marinated in this solution for at least a night or 12 hours to give it a tangy and bitter taste with a kick to it. It is one of the most popular banchan (side dishes) that can be served very brilliantly with toast for snacking.

4. Haansher dimer kalia: This dish is very aromatic and tangy, with lots of flavours going on at the same time. The dish can or cannot have gravy according to the preference. It is a great snack if someone wants to try out an authentic Bengali curry. The snack is made with swan eggs, and it is very dense and earthy in flavour with lots of ghee and butter. It can go very well with toasted bread or besan chilla.

5. Cloud Omelette: If you want your omelette to be simple and traditional but fun-looking to eat, then you can try this hack to make it cloud-like, sunny side up. You first need to make sure that your egg yolk and egg white are separated. Then, you need to beat the egg white until it is foamy. Taking some vegetable oil in the pan, you need to carefully place your formed egg white to fry and add the egg yolk in the middle of it. After 1 to 2 minutes, the egg yolk will be cooked, and you can even blow-torch your egg white cloud to give it a little roasting flavour. 

6. Paneer Schwechan Egg Bhurji: Tired of eating regular egg bhurji with buttered bread? Try adding lots of onion, tomato and schezwan sauce to garnish with lots of paneer crisps fried until golden. This will provide you with the perfect egg taste with the crispiness of paneer bits that go well with the spicy flavour of the sauce to make your dish elegant. Paneer schezwan egg bhurji is one of the best dishes that can be served as a wholesome snack. One can eat this dish with ghee-toasted bread.

7. Cheese Garlic Egg Rolls: Cheese garlic egg rolls are a new take on the egg rolls. Different kinds of herbs are mixed with the egg batter and steamed with lots of salt and a little bit of oil brushing. The eggs are then cut into bite-sized pieces, and tempered with garlic oil. Cheese is then melted on top of it before putting it in a rice paper to fry. This dish is a true delight for every snacking experience and goes very well with soup.

8. Loaded Sunny Side Up: If you are bored with having sunny-side-up eggs every time you feel hungry with plain toast or bread, then you can always elevate the feeling with lots of steamed vegetables and a side of garlic crips. One can also make sunny side-ups in garlic butter to give it a smokey flavour. Cheese bits and smashed croutons are also very delightful with warm runny eggs. Bacon bits seared to perfection can also make a great alternative. 

9. Masala Hard Boiled Eggs: If you want your snack to have a tangy kick to it, then you need to change out your regular boiled eggs with masala boiled eggs as it has lots of spices tempered and fried to goodness with drops of lemon juice. Masala eggs are very easy to make, and they also have cumin seeds, turmeric, chilli flakes, chilli powder, coriander powder, and chat masala added to them. It is a delightful snack with tea and other namkeens.