8 Type of Patties To Amp Up Your Burgers And Sandwiches
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Burgers are the go-to meal for people who are on the go as they are delicious, fulfilling, and also easy to eat. The concept of burgers was introduced in the US by Lassen in the early 1900s in a small restaurant in Connecticut. The initial idea was to place a patty between two slices of bread and then add condiments like cheese and vegetables, which led to the creation of hamburger sandwiches. 

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Eventually, with time, people started adding lettuce leaves, sauces of different types and things like pickles to create an appetising stack of all the assimilated ingredients. While visiting different restaurants in fast food chains, one can see different types of burger flavours being served. Generally, the major difference between all these burgers is the patty that is used. Here are some different types of patties that one can make at home.

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* Turkey Patty

Turkey burger patties are extremely appetising and can be paired with whole grain buns and a lot of different types of vegetables to make it healthy. The best way to absorb maximum nutrition from turkey patties is to combine them with some source of vitamin C like tomatoes. One can make different types of turkey burgers by combining spices like red chilli, turmeric, garam masala, and many more to make delicious patties at home.

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* Chicken Patty

Chicken patty is one of the most popular types of burger patties, especially in Asian countries. In India, the consumption of chicken burgers surpasses the consumption of any other type of burger. It's quite easy to make a chicken patty at home as one can simply take some boneless chicken or chicken keema to make patties at home. The best part about chicken is its versatility, as it can be made in a lot of different ways, such as combining it with fresh vegetables to make a healthy burger or making a spicy patty using different types of spices.

* Elk Burger Patty

Elk burger patties are generally made by using any type of red meat. These are considered a great source of protein and also have lower amounts of fat. The only downside of making these burger patties is the fact that they are generally high in calories. However, one can make the overall burger nutritious by using healthy burger buns and combining them with different types of vegetables like lettuce, cucumbers and onions. Many people like to add bacon grease as an added fat to increase moisture in the patty. 

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* Bison Burger Patty

Bison burgers are also considered extremely healthy and nutritious because of their high amounts of zinc, protein, and different types of vitamins. This type of burger patty is also not very high in calories, unlike other types of burgers. The meat is extremely juicy and absorbs different types of spices very well. This burger patty is extremely popular in northern America, and people like to make different types of appetising burgers with the help of this patty.

* Paneer Burger Patties

Making a paneer burger patty at home is also a great way to include protein in one's meal while staying healthy. A paneer burger patty is extremely easy to make as one has to simply take some paneer and mash it along with vegetables and some spices. Now, with the help of one's hands, one can give it the shape of a circular cutlet and cook it in a pan using some butter or oil. The paneer burger patty gets prepared within 15 minutes and can be easily used in burgers and sandwiches.

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* Mushroom Burger Patty

A mushroom burger patty is a great option for vegan people who do not want to consume meat or any cutlet made from dairy products. Mushrooms have a texture and taste that are very similar to that of chicken. So, one can easily play with the flavour and texture of mushrooms to give them a meat-like taste and touch. The best types of mushrooms that can be used for making cutlets include portobello and crimini mushrooms. Mushrooms are extremely high in different types of antioxidants and vitamins, so they are a great choice for making cutlets.

* Black Bean Patty

Black beans are used to make different types of soups and stews and fillings for tacos and burritos. Another way to make the best use of black beans is to make delicious patties with its help. Even though they're not very appealing, when it comes to their outlook, they're extremely rich in antioxidants. They can also be paired with different types of vegetables and spices to make a delicious patty. A patty made from black beans is also both vegetarian and vegan-friendly. One can pair it with multigrain buns and homemade sauces.