8 Tips To Make Healthy And Yummy Summer Pancakes
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Traditionally pancakes are stacked up on one another and drizzled with a lot of chocolate syrup, maple syrup, and sugar powder. As a topping people like to add some fruits like bananas and berries to add freshness and crunch. Mostly, pancakes are consumed for breakfast, but due to the high sugar and absence of any significant nutrients, most nutritionists advise people to not have pancakes for breakfast. 

Breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, is supposed to be extremely healthy and full of essential nutrients. But the pancake lovers out there shouldn't be dismayed as there are a lot of ways through which one can turn an unhealthy pancake recipe into a healthy one. Here are some tips and tricks to make healthy pancakes this summer and enjoy them at breakfast as much as one wants to.

* Using Oats

Instead of using all-purpose flour, a great way to make healthy pancakes is to make them with ground oats. Oats are full of fibre and can help in boosting the energy levels in the body. Being rich in fibre, oats make a person feel full without even having to eat a lot of food. Combining oats with eggs that are high in protein and making pancakes from the mixture is a great breakfast option for people who want to eat a properly nutritious meal.

* Multigrain Flour

Another substitute for all-purpose flour for making pancakes is using multigrain flour. Multigrain flour or wheat flour can be mixed with eggs, milk, and some jaggery powder to make a smooth and fluffy pancake batter. Multigrain flour or whole wheat flour is a lot more digestive as compared to all-purpose flour. For people who have gluten allergies, they can think of other substitutes such as almond flour. The taste of these healthy pancakes is going to be as good as the taste of those regular pancakes or even better.

* Using Natural Sweeteners 

One of the top reasons why pancakes are considered unhealthy is because of the high sugar content. Mostly the pancakes served in hotels and restaurants are made by using refined sugar which is not good for health. Instead, you can make pancakes healthier by using natural sources of sugar. This includes using organic honey, organic maple syrup or simply adding mashed bananas to the pancake batter. This helps in adding the required sweetness to the pancake batter and making fluffy and delicious pancakes. 

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* Greek Yoghurt 

Instead of using milk that is high in fat, a person can try using Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has higher levels of protein and also a lot of bacteria that are good for the gut. The best part about Greek yoghurt is its consistency which is very creamy and luscious. The use of Greek yoghurt incorporates a similar texture in the pancake batter. Once a person starts using Greek yoghurt for making pancakes, there is no going back.

* Using Fresh Fruits

Eating fresh fruits early in the morning is considered extremely healthy. Adding fresh fruits on the top of pancakes makes a lot of difference. One of the biggest advantages is the freshness of the fruits combined with the sweet and pancakes give a very appetising flavour. The combination tastes heavenly. Secondly, fruits also have their respective nutritional benefits that make the pancakes even healthier. Fresh fruits like different types of berries, bananas, and many more can be added to the top of pancakes.

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* Using Seeds

The best way to increase the nutritional value of pancakes is by adding different types of seeds. Currently one has the liberty to choose a lot of seeds like flax seeds, papaya seeds, chia seeds, and many more as per their preference. These seeds are not just tasty and crunchy but also very healthy. Being rich in antioxidants, these seeds are a great addition to breakfast in any form.

* Nut Butters

Adding different types of nut butter on the top of pancakes can also make a huge difference in the overall output. One can use nut butter made from peanuts, cashews, almonds, and many more. This helps in incorporating a creamy texture on the top of the pancakes and also adds a nutty flavour. Nuts are also very high in different types of vitamins and minerals that will help in making the pancakes healthier than usual. 

* Make Savoury Pancakes

If one wants to make the pancakes completely healthy, then making savoury pancakes is a great idea. To make savoury pancakes, one doesn't have to use any kind of sugar either natural or refined. Instead, one can simply put different types of vegetables like tomatoes, cherries, spinach, zucchini, and many more in the pancake batter and cook it on the pan with the help of some olive oil.