8 Tips To Keep Rice Free From Insect Infestation
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A lot of people think that unhygienic conditions are the major cause of insect infestation. But there are a lot of other causes such as temperature, moisture levels, and the location of the house. In summer, there is always a higher susceptibility of insect infestation. Generally, insects like to affect food grains and other stored food items in the kitchen. 

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Thus, the kitchen becomes the epicentre of insect infestation. One of the most common grains that is attacked by insects is rice. Different types of insects make the rice container their home and even start multiplying by hatching eggs there. This can be an extremely repulsive condition and it might become even more difficult for a person to get rid of it. Hence, to avoid such problems, here are some tips and tricks that one should follow.

* Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are extremely bitter and also have a very pungent smell. Both of these properties of neem leaves help in drawing away different kinds of insects. All that one has to do is take some dry Neem leaves and cut them into small pieces. Now divide these pieces in the  storage container and quickly give a good shake to the container. This is a natural and organic way of keeping rice protected from any kind of insect infestation without having to use chemicals.

* Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are frequently used to cook different types of dishes because of their fresh fragrance and earthy notes. But another useful way to utilise the potential of bay leaves is to use them as an insect disinfectant. All that one has to do is take 2 to 3 bay leaves and then put them in the container along with rice grains. Most of the bugs or insects cannot stand the fragrance of bay leaves and try to stay far from them as much as possible. Also, one must remember that after putting bay leaves inside the rice container, one should remember to seal the container properly.

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* Cloves

Cloves just like neem and bay leaves also have a very pungent smell. These are added to different types of dishes to inculcate a flavourful aroma. If one wants to keep the bugs away, then one can simply put some cloves in the rice container. Just make sure that the cloves are properly dried and clean. The powerful aroma of cloves is going to protect the rise from any kind of insect infestation. Also one can distribute cloves in different parts of the pantry for even more effective results.

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* Garlic

Garlic is a very famous herb that is used in India. Many dishes are incomplete without the aromatic touch of garlic. But what people do not know about garlic is that it is also an excellent insect disinfectant. One has to take a small piece of peeled garlic and wash it properly. After drying it for some time, keep the garlic block in the rice container. As garlic is high in sulphur, it helps in keeping the bugs away. Also one must make sure that they keep replacing the garlic pods from time to time before they get extremely dry.

* Matchbox

Matchbox might sound a bit hard to believe, but it's very effective in making sure that the rice remains immune from any kind of bug attack. Just like garlic, matchboxes are also very high in sulphur which helps in eliminating the risk of insects and bugs infecting the rise. One doesn't have to keep the matchbox inside the rice. Simply keeping the matchbox near the rice grain can be helpful.

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* Sunlight

Sunlight is also extremely effective in making sure that grains remain fresh and are not affected by any kind of unwanted agents. If one feels that there has been an insect infestation in their pantry, then one can simply keep the grains in sunlight and let them dry for at least one day. Bugs and other types of insects cannot stand the direct heat of sunlight and thus they will go away. After doing this, a person can simply put the rice back in the container as it is now free from the effects of insects.

* Dark Place 

Another helpful remedy that ensures that the rice remains unaffected by any kind of insect infestation is to keep the container in a dark place that is away from any kind of moisture and heat. Generally, the likelihood of insect or bug multiplication is a lot higher in high temperatures. On the other hand, it is quite hard for insects to survive when it is cold. Hence, storing grains in a relatively darker and cooler place is efficacious in keeping the insects away.