8 Tips To Keep In Mind While Tasting Premium Vodka
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Vodka is among the most globally beloved and widely available spirits. It is the key ingredient in various classic cocktails including the Moscow Mule, the Cosmo, the Appletini, the Screwdriver, and more. The spirit’s appeal lies in its neutral flavour, which enables it to blend wonderfully with other spirits without overpowering them. However, the type of vodka used in a cocktail makes a difference too. For instance, a cocktail that comprises high-quality premium vodka will obviously have a better taste profile than one that has been infused with standard vodka.

The difference between standard and premium vodkas comes down to several factors, such as preparation method, taste, and aftertaste. Premium vodkas generally have a touch of elegance to them as they are frequently imbued with herbs or fruits, both of which help elevate them to the next level. Additionally, premium vodkas are made from the most first-rate ingredients, including the choice of grapes, setting them worlds apart from standard vodkas. Therefore, it’s vital to be able to distinguish between these two forms of vodka. Here are eight tips to help you do just that.

Examine The Glass

Premium vodka is typically served in old-fashioned glasses or in any glass that comprises a wide mouth. The thought behind this is to enable the sampler to experience the drink’s fragrance, savour every drop, and capture the essence of the drink. This isn’t only limited to vodka; most premium alcohol is served in wide glasses on the rocks or neat.

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Notice The Appearance

Carefully examine a portion of the vodka against a white paper on in white light. Pay extra attention to the colour, vividness, and radiance of the spirit. Give it a little shake and note whether or not it sticks to the glass; this will indicate whether the vodka has thin or heavy legs. A premium vodka will typically be extremely bright and transparent with thin things.

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Take In The Fragrance

According to multiple mixology experts, premium vodkas tend to give out a gentle aroma. Give the drink a good shake and then hold it up to your nose to take in its aromas. Typically, a premium vodka spirit should emit a clean lemon grass or lemon zest aroma that has been imbued with a tint of sage spice.

Sip Carefully

Usually, one’s palate isn’t used to tasting alcoholic drinks in a straight capacity at room temperature. Therefore, it is initially advisable to take a miniscule amount of the spirit, move it around in your mouth for a few seconds, and then spit it out. Sip the drink again right away, and now you’ll probably be able to understand its subtleties. Premium vodkas are known to be brimming with character; thus, their flavours are likely to arouse your sense of taste and smell.

Investigate The Texture And The Mouthfeel

The preparation process of premium vodkas is different from standard vodkas. For instance, they are distilled a staggering three to five times to extract the highest quality spirit. Owing to such a high level of distillation, premium vodkas are typically defined by a rejuvenating and smooth mouthfeel. Their texture should be silky and they should be extremely easy on the palate.

Note The Aftertaste

Once you’ve savoured a serving of the vodka, take special notice of the aftertaste you experience. Typically, a premium vodka should leave a clean aftertaste. After enjoying the spirit, your palate should feel light and refreshed, without being overwhelmed by any strong or intense flavours. Remember, a premium vodka is characterised by its subtleties in every respect, including the aftertaste.

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Observe The Temperature

The ideal temperature for serving premium vodka is estimated to be within the range of 32–39°F. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that the vodka being served to you has been chilled substantially. Any vodka that doesn’t fall in the aforementioned temperature parameter may not be of premium quality.

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Cleanse Your Palate

When sampling multiple portions of premium vodka, it is important to adequately cleanse your palate before moving on to the next sample. This can be done through a host of flavourful foods, such as salty crackers, juicy apples, sweet pineapples, and acidic olives. You can also try holding some water in your mouth and swishing it around.