8 Tips And Tricks To Preserve Jackfruit This Summer

It’s the jackfruit season, so people are buying it from the farmer's market to cook delicious food in their homes. Its texture and flavour make it a meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. Not to mention the nutrients that it is loaded with. The fruit is among a few versatile ingredients that you can cook in several ways or add to recipes so that you can elevate the flavour palate. If you and your family love jackfruit, you will be disappointed to know that it is not available throughout the year.

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Its seasonal availability requires you to preserve it so that you can enjoy it throughout the year. From drying to vacuum sealing, there are multiple ways you can store the fruit and keep cooking lip-smacking dishes with it. This article mentions a few techniques that will preserve your favourite fruit beyond its season of availability. 

Pick A Ripe Jackfruit

When you plan to preserve a jackfruit, you must pick the right one. A ripe jackfruit is an ideal choice for long-term storage. It boasts yellowish-brown skin and a sweet aroma. It also has a fruity fragrance that helps you identify the right pick. If the jackfruit is raw, you cannot preserve it for a long time. The chances of it ruining increases, and when you cook it after some time, it won’t be as good as you expect.

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Remove Seeds

The next step to preserving a jackfruit is removing the seeds. The pods of the fruit cannot be stored, and it escalates the process of decomposing. Hence, many vendors also remove it before selling it. If you like the seeds, you can store them separately, or you can plant them in your backyard to enjoy access to a jackfruit tree throughout the year. 

Keep It Clean And Dry

Are you planning to preserve a jackfruit? You need to handle it with care. It is not fragile like glass, but its skin is sensitive. You should avoid brushing the flesh of the fruit, or it will get damaged quickly. Run it under tap water to remove dirt and residue. Use a paper cloth or towel to pat it dry so that moisture does not spoil the produce.

Freeze In Vacuum Seal

Freezing is the ultimate option when it comes to extending the life of any fruit or vegetable. Low temperatures keep the produce intact. Much like any preservation technique, you need to store jackfruit in a vacuum seal pack. It will extend the life and prevent the moisture and air from seeping inside. Freezing the fruit can help it last long with its flavours and texture intact.

Dehydrate Jackfruit

Dehydration is the key to preserving a large amount of jackfruit. Slice it into thin pieces and use a dehydrating machine to store it. You can even use an oven at a low temperature setting to dehydrate the fruit. It will shrink its size, and the loss of moisture reduces the chances of its spoiling. Dried jackfruit can be stored in an airtight container for many months. 

Divide Into Portions

You cannot store a jackfruit as a whole. The best practice is to cut it into portions, clean each part, and preserve them dry. Cutting it into portions will also help you freeze a large amount compared to if you keep a whole inside the refrigerator. It will also occupy the space and prevent you from using it for other purposes.

Use Citric Acid

One of the best ways to extend the life of a jackfruit is to dip its pieces into citric acid. You can use lemon juice or even an ascorbic acid. The compound will prevent the browning of the skin and keep the colour, texture, and flavour fresh. If you miss this step, you will be able to preserve the fruit for a long, but its colour and texture will be compromised.

Dip In Sugar Syrup

Have you ever noticed glazed fruits adorning a cake? It helps to keep them fresh and avoids browning of the skin. You can follow a similar process with jackfruit as well. Dip the pieces in sugar syrup and freeze in an airtight container. This will ensure that the fruit remains in its best shape and its sweet flavour remains intact.