8 Tadka Options To Jazz Up Your Indian Dals And Curries
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Tadka is like a final touch of spices and oil that is added to different types of Indian dishes to give it a concluding flavour and texture. Tadka has been used in Indian cuisine for many years now, and it can instantly transform the way a dish tastes and looks. In English, it is also called tempering and is a step that has become pervasive in many other cuisines of the world. 

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Just like the ingredients used to make a dish, the type of tadka  used to temper a particular dish varies. The good thing about tadka is that it also imparts a very flavourful aroma to the food which is not just enticing, but also attracts people from a considerable distance. Here are some different types of tasks for days that one may try making at home.

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* Curry Leaf Tadka

Tadka made from curry leaves is called the kadipatta tadka. It is very famous in the Southern part of India and the tempering is made by adding curry leaves to ghee. Curry leaves have a very fresh and herby flavour. Along with the flavour, these leaves bring a powerful taste to the dishes and also have an excellent source of many important antioxidants. They also support digestion and help in protecting a person against different types of infections.

 * Garlic Tadka

A garlic tadka is made by first taking some crushed garlic cloves and then adding them in oil. Garlic is known for its robust flavours and also has numerous health benefits. The taste of garlic not only makes a dish instantly better but also has various anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic is also great for the immune system. The richness of garlic instantly makes a dish taste heavier and more succulent.

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* Red Chili Tadka

Red chili tadka also called lal mirch tadka is for those people who like to have spicy and fiery flavours. However, this type of tadka is not right during summer as peppers contain capsaicin that may lead to inflammation and indigestion in the body. However, if consumed moderately, then it can help in promoting metabolism in the body. This type of tadka suits heavily spiced-infused dishes, especially non-vegetarian curries.

* Asafoetida Tadka

An asafoetida tadka also called the hing tadka is one of the most common tadkas in India. Asafoetida is a very potent spice that adds a very flavourful touch to the dish. Other than the flavour aspect, it is also great in terms of digestion and can also help a person get rid of bloating and gas. Adding a pinch of asafoetida to the tadka can make a very significant impact on the overall flavour of the dish.

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* Fenugreek Tadka

Fenugreek seeds are also considered great for digestion and the tadka is made by putting fenugreek seeds in oil. This tadka has a lot of flavour and adds depth to different types of dishes and can also alleviate different problems like high cholesterol levels, and indigestion, and reduce cholesterol levels in the body. This tadka contributes to the overall well-being of the body.

* Fennel Tadka

Fennel seed tadka is made by adding saunf in oil or ghee until the seeds are roasted properly. Fennel seeds are slightly sweet and also have a very refreshing flavour. This tadka is not only full of aroma but also helps a person get relief from a lot of stomach-related problems. Making fennel tadka part of one's diet can be a great way of reducing stomach-related ailments. 

* Turmeric Tadka

Turmeric tadka is made by mixing haldi in oil. The haldi tadka is vibrant yellow and also has a slightly bitter taste. This tadka has a lot of health benefits and a compound called curcumin which is both anti-inflammatory and has a lot of antioxidant properties. It also helps in improving the immune system of the body and promoting heart health. This type of tadka works best for different types of days.

* Cumin Tadka

Jeera tadka is a staple tadka in India and a lot of dals are simply tempered by adding cumin seeds in oil. Jeera tadka is aromatic and also has a slightly nutty flavour. Besides this, cumin seeds are also very rich in antioxidants and promote better digestion in the body. If one doesn't have too many spices available at home, then simply making a jeera tadka can be a great idea.