8 Super-Easy Radish Delicacies To Try This Winter

Radish, also known as "mooli" in Hindi, is a winter vegetable that forms the base of various delicacies such as parathas, juice, curry, salad and many more. A versatile vegetable, radish is similar to a carrot in shape, but it is white and has a kick to it. There are various kinds of radishes, such as white radish and red radish, which differ in colour but are similar in taste. Tasting anything made out of radish will feel like a kick of ginger but more like a pallet refreshment. It is juicy, it is slightly bitter to taste, and it is brilliant.

Radish is a root vegetable which is freshly grown in the fields of Northern India. It is readily available in the market, and it is known as one of the most famous seasonal vegetables for a staple diet. Not only radish but also radish greens can be made into a wonderful dish if prepared well. Every part of radish from its greens to steam is edible and is healthy to eat. If you are looking to try something unique with radishes in your home, then make sure to read and discover various options that you can try out.

1. Mooli Ke Parathe: Mooli Ke Parathe is a staple to every household, and it is made with lots of butter and spices to flavour the flatbread to perfection. The dough is similar to any other paratha. It can be either wheat flour or maida. A little bit of cumin seeds are added to the dough with salt and sugar. After the dough is made, the filling of radishes is made with turmeric, salt, cumin powder, and chillies. One can add various spices of the choice to make the fillings. However, radishes have a strong taste of their own; hence, it is better to leave it simple.

2. Radish Kimchi: If you are a big K-pop fan or K-drama fan, then you must have known about radish kimchi long before. Radish kimchi helps to cleanse the pallets after eating lots of meat or something buttery like steak. Radish Kimchi is prepared with lots of GochuGaru, shrimp paste, and Korean pear paste with ginger and garlic. Radish kimchi is also garnished with radish Greens which makes the kimchi extra crunchy. Kimchi is freshly served after mixing with spices, or it is fermented in an air-tight jar to make it more intense and tangy. It is similar yet very complex in flavours when compared to pickles. One must try it when they get a chance to make it.

3. Radish Dal: Masoor dal and mung daal are staples in every Indian household. Dal with freshly made rice on a cold winter morning is a perfect brunch which serves lots of warmth to the soul. Pieces of radish, after boiling it, are added to the dal with vegetable broth and lentils to make a perfect soupy consistency that can go well with rice. Radish Greens or pickled radish is also added to the dal to enhance the flavour. If you haven't tried the radish dal yet, you are missing out on best-served winter dishes. The dal can also have spices of your preference, with lots of onion and garlic. 

4. Radish Greens Bhujia: Radish greens bhujia is also very well known in Indian households. The dish ensures that no part of radish is wasted but is cooked to deliciousness. Radish greens have a great kick to it with lots of garlic and ginger. It can be made into a bitter saag dish that can go perfectly with lots of dal and pickles with the side of rice. There are different ways to make the dish, but one of the most popular ways to make it is with a garnish of simple salt and pepper with onions and tomatoes to cut out the bitterness, adding a little bit of lemon juice to it. 

5. Mooli Ki Chutney: Mooli ki chutney is a bit uncommon to come by, but it has a very similar taste to onion and a very nice kick similar to wasabi or ginger. Radish chutney can be easily made by either grinding the radish with several spices, onion and lemon juice, or it can be cooked and caramelised with different spices and curry leaves to make a great chutney. It can be served very deliciously with different kinds of parathas and fried items. It is also very easy to make, and it adds a new taste to your homemade dishes. 

6. Radish Ginger Pickle: Radish ginger pickle is one of the most unique pickles that you will come across because it is fermented in vinegar and oil to get the picklish flavour that adds a kick to your boring lunches and dinner. The ingredients are very simple, and it can be made very easily within a week. The fermentation is very quick, and it can be stored for more than three months. The taste can be enhanced by adding lots of garlic and spices of your choice. One can also make it as a mixed pickle jar with lots of vegetables of choice, too. 

7. Radish Pakora: Those who love the spicy taste with a hint of ginger will love radishes as fritters or pakoras. Radish pakoras are similar to cauliflower pakora as it is boiled with salt and turmeric to get out the bitterness before frying it with the batter. It is very heartwarming and simple to make, which perfectly goes as a snack with sides of other namkeen and tea. To enhance the taste, you can add ajwain or cumin seeds in the batter, and it can be served with red chutney or green chutney of your choice.  

8. Radish Smoothie: Radish smoothie is also one of the best healthy drinks you can opt for this winter season. The taste is very kicky, and it has lots of garlic and other greens added to it. One can use a whole radish or radish greens to make the smoothie according to their choice. One can add oranges or lemons to make it a sour delight with lots of sugar and honey. It is a great option to opt for, looking out for winter vegetables and a drink after a workout to clear up the fridge.