8 Spring Foods That Everyone Must Try
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Spring is the perfect time of the year as it is neither too cold nor too hot. One gets to enjoy the delightful cold breezes in the presence of some warm sunshine. It is also the time when everyone bids farewell to the chilly winter mornings and embraces the warm summer sunshine. Springtime is not just visually appealing but also brings a lot of seasonal delights.

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 It is a vibrant time between winters and summers when one gets to enjoy some delicious foods in this small cusp. As the temperature starts drastically changing during this time, it is critical to take care of one's health to avoid getting a cold or fever. Here are some top healthy and delicious spring foods that are a must-try for everyone.

* Palak Parathas

Springtime is probably the last opportunity for people to enjoy the delicious Winter Palak. Palak or spinach is not easily available during the summer season. So one must try to eat as much Palak as they can during springtime. One of the most appetising dishes that can be made from Palak is Palak Paratha. These are crispy parathas that are made with a lot of ghee and eaten with fresh curd. Eating some delicious Palak Paratha while sitting under the sun is the best way to enjoy the springtime.

* Bael Sharbat

Bael, or golden apple, is a fruit that comes with a lot of nutritional benefits. It is extremely popular in Southeast Asian countries and has multiple health benefits. One of the most common ways of consuming golden apples in India is by making an appetising and rejuvenating drink out of it. This drink is called Bael Sharbat in India and is made from the golden apple. As the season changes, the body becomes more dehydrated. This is the right way to prepare the body for the upcoming coaching winters.

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* Turmeric Pickle

As stated above, spring is the time of changing seasons. The best way to immunise one's body and avoid any kind of viral disease is by eating something that strengthens the body. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and comes with a lot of health benefits. One can prepare zesty and spicy turmeric pickles by using any seasonal vegetables. Just having a bit of this pickle with every meal will help raise immunity in the body.

* Aam Panna

Aam Panna is another revitalising drink that is made from raw mangoes and other flavourful ingredients like mint leaves and fresh coriander leaves. It helps in quenching the thirst instantly and provides relief from the heat. As the temperature changes, the body starts feeling dehydrated instantly and takes some time to acclimatise to the changing weather. Drinking healthy and hydrating beverages is better than drinking unhealthy and carbonated drinks.

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* Strawberries And Kiwis

Springtime is famous for some of the most delicious varieties of fruits, like strawberries and kiwis. The fruits available during this season have a different flavour of their own. These fruits are extremely sweet and have slight savoury notes. The variety of honeydew melons available during the season is also unparalleled. Although one can make multiple drinks and desserts with these fresh fruits, eating them on their own is also a great way of enjoying these rooms.

* Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is popularly made during the winter season as it's a warm and nourishing dessert that instantly provides a lot of relief to the body from the cold outside. However, the variety of carrots that are available during the spring season are as sweet as honey. They're not only sweet but also extremely crunchy and flavourful. These are the perfect types of carrots that one needs to make delicious Gajar Ka Halwa. As the winter descends and the summer ascends, one must enjoy as much Gajar Ka Halwa as possible before it's too late.

* Peas

Springtime is also the perfect time to enjoy sweet peas as much as possible. The two varieties of peace that taste the best during winter are Snap peas and English peas. One can make different types of dishes like pulao, parathas, salads, sandwiches, and whatnot with these delectable varieties of peas. These peas are naturally so soft and delightful that one can also have them as a snack on their own.

* Neem Leaves

Consuming Neem leaves in one form or the other during the spring season ensures that one remains healthy and immune from any kind of bacterial or viral diseases. As this is a time of changing seasons and temperatures, it is important to eat food that is healthy and full of antioxidants. As per the National Institutes of Health, neem is an extremely effective antioxidant and comes with a lot of anti-inflammatory properties that can help in fighting against oxidative stress in the body.