8 Mistakes To Avoid While Deep Frying At Home
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Deep frying is the procedure of preparing dishes that lead to the perfect crispy and crunchy texture. Fried ingredients have been a part of Indian cuisine for ages and its crucial for versatility too in the palate. From savoury pakoras, French fries to sweet desserts like gujiyas, gulab jamun, there are a huge variety of fried dishes that are loved by all. 

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While the allure of deep-fried goodness may be irresistible, mastering this cooking method requires more than just tossing ingredients into a pot of hot oil. Home cooks often encounter pitfalls that can lead to disappointing results, from soggy batters to burnt exteriors.

High Temperature

The temperature of oil while frying is something that is very crucial and one has to be very mindful about. If the oil you are cooking in reaches an excessively high temperature that it can start burning and even catch fire at times. Such kind of accidents can be very hazardous and can also lead to something big. Hence to stir away from accidents make sure you are frying at an ideal temperature which is usually 350° F, you can also use a kitchen thermometer to be safe and exact. 

Using Inappropriate Oil

Opting for oils with low smoke points like olive oil or butter can result in burnt food and unpleasant flavours. Instead, choose oils with high smoke points such as canola, peanut, or vegetable oil, which withstand high temperatures without breaking down. Using the right oil ensures a crispy, golden exterior while maintaining the integrity of the dish, avoiding the disappointment of soggy or greasy results.

Using Wrong Pot

Utensils can make a lot of difference to the preparation of the dishes, that's why when you are frying at home you should be very careful of which pot you are using  to fry. If the pot is too small then there would be high chances that the moment you add in your ingredient the oil will splitter and spill all over, causing a risk of fire. Hence you should be very careful which choosing the appropriate pot that will work with your all kind of needs. 

Overcrowding the Pan

Overcrowding the pan while deep frying at home is a common mistake that can lead to uneven cooking and soggy results. When too many items are added to the pan at once, the temperature of the oil drops rapidly, causing food to absorb more oil and become greasy. Additionally, overcrowding prevents proper circulation of hot oil around each piece, resulting in uneven browning. To avoid this mistake, fry in batches, ensuring enough space between items for even cooking and crispiness.

Frying Big Pieces

 Large food items like huge chicken breasts, big chunks of vegetables can be tempting to fry but cooking of the ingredients can be uneven and even after a proper crispy outer layer the inside can be uncooked. This can lead to an unpleasant eating experience and can also affect your health if the situation goes unnoticed. Moreover, big cuts will also make the oil splutter everywhere.

Using Leftover Oil

Reusing oil multiple times can lead to the production of harmful compounds and off-flavours in your food. It's crucial to avoid this practice to maintain food quality and safety. Instead, dispose of used oil properly after each frying session. Opt for fresh oil each time you fry to ensure consistent results and minimise health risks associated with degraded oil. 

Wrong Batter

Using the wrong batter while deep frying at home can lead to disappointing results. A common mistake is choosing a batter that's too thin or lacking in seasoning, resulting in a bland or soggy coating on your food. To avoid this, ensure your batter is thick enough to coat the food evenly and contains flavorful ingredients like spices or herbs. 

Frying Too Much

Leaving your ingredients in oil for frying for too long may sound like an effective process but it is not. Keeping it for too long in oil can cause a burnt exterior and an undercooked interior, especially in the case of cooking any form of meat. Moreover, staying in excess oil will also led to extreme absorption of oil, which can be very unhealthy for consumption.