8 Mango Cocktail For Summer Indulgence

Mango provides a tropical taste with colours; the mango cocktails quite literally become a symbol of the summer and are popular among beach parties, cookouts and general outdoor events. Combining tart and sweet notes, a delightful variety of fruity sensations is sure to leave a feeling that is both exotic and full of energy. Mangoes are much more than just fruit for smoothies and salads, and mango cocktails prove it just right! They reveal how versatile this wonderful tropical fruit can be served, as it can successfully be combined with different juices, spirits, and garnishes to create all kinds of astonishingly delicious drinks that will please even the fussiest of drinkers.

Here are some exotic mango cocktails to relish in the summer:

1. Mango Passion Cocktail: 

A nice textural effect is achieved by the blend of the velvety and the sugary flavours, creating a tropical marvel that is called Mango Passion Cocktail. In order to make this perfect vodka drink, mix vodka, lime juice, passion fruit juice, and fresh mango puree with a little bit of sugar. Shake it well together with some ice, and it is ready in a cool glass. To add a little spice, use the fruit itself to decorate the dish with a slice of mango or a wedge of passion fruit. For a fun and original indulgence, serve the Mango-Passion cocktail cold (either in a martini or cocktail glass).

Video Credit: YouTube/ Rajshri Food

2. Fresh Mango Martini: 

Mango is such a fruit that gives drinks wonderful texture and a tropical feeling to their taste. In order to prepare this mango martini, pour vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup with mango puree into an ice-cold shaker of mocktails. Use a  bottle of sparkling water as well as spiced rum in the cocktail shaker, strain into a chilled martini glass, and add a lime twist or a slice of mango as garnish. The subtle vodka and the acidity of cool lime perfectly pair with the sweet and sour mango side of the drink. It's the ideal liquid treat for hot summer afternoons.

3. Mango Margarita: 

A mango margarita is quite distinctive, being colourful and refreshing and the sweetness of the mango is in perfect balance with the citrus of lime. The deliciousness of this drink comes from combining ice with mango puree, tequila, triple sec, and lime juice, mixing them till the ingredients combine to give a smooth and refreshing texture. To serve, add ice cubes, all the ingredients until mixed, and pour the drink into the glasses with a salt rim. Top with lemon wedges or mango slices as a garnish. Chill out and relax with these delightful tropical fruit, mango and energetic zing flavours that welcome and usher in the incredible summer activities.

4. Mango Iced Tea: 

Cool and slipping like a soft velvet and with aromas of ripe mango, there is the sweet fruity flavour of mango iced tea. Make a pot of medium-hard tea while it is still hot and set it aside to cool down first. Combine the blender perfectly by pouring fresh mango contents, which may be water or mango juice. Thoroughly stir sugar and honey (to taste) and gradually add mango puree to the tea. After all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, the iced tea is ready to be served. As for a cooling beverage that is suitable for summer and can also be chilled, just pour this mango iced tea into an ice cube glass and decorate with a piece of fresh mango or mint side leaf for serving.

5. Mango Sangria: 

Because of the alluring impact caused by its incredible taste, pleasurable enveloping taste, and mouthwatering aroma, this drink is known as a delicious mango sangria. To prepare, pour white wine, mango juice, orange juice, brandy, diced mangoes and perhaps a spiced sweetener like sugar or honey into a beverage pitcher. For better flavouring, use sliced lemons, oranges and mint trimmings. Blend the mixture well and let it sit in the fridge for at least two hours. This would be perfect for summers when you want something nice for a drink and good to have with mango slices and mint sprigs that stand on ice.

6. Sparkling Mango Cocktail: 

Sparkling mango is a gorgeous summertime cocktail that creates a refreshing feeling. For making it, first blend the sparkling wine with the elderflower liqueur, and then add the puree of mango for a little bit of citrus taste. The bounce of the tongue and the fizz are balanced out in a great way, making it a very refreshing and cheerful drink. It is advisable to offer a sparkling mango cocktail in a chilled flute glass, accompanied by a lemon twist or fresh mint, as part of a more sophisticated presentation. 

7. Mango Rum Punch: 

The mango rum punch's texture is silky smooth and the palate will taste a flavour that is tropical and delicious. To create, combine all the ingredients that are being used, such as the orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, rum, fresh mango puree, and simple syrup, in a pitcher and shake it well. And add the ice cubes. In an effort to create an appealing visual effect from the rum punch, mango slices, lime wedges and mint leaves will be added at the top after the glasses are half full with ice. This tasty drink will set the mood for beach parties or simple beachfront get-togethers. Perfect for any type of summer event or just to have experienced the feeling of being in the tropics even while sitting at home.

8. Mango & Ginger Gin Fizz: 

A delicious cocktail with a tropical flavour and a cool fizz is the Mango & Ginger Gin Fizz. In a shaker, add fresh mango puree, gin, lime juice, ginger syrup, and ice for preparation. Give it a good shake, then strain into an ice-filled glass. Add club soda to the top for a refreshing pop, then decorate with ginger curls or mango slices. This lively and energising summer beverage has a smooth, bubbly texture and a taste that perfectly combines sweet mango, spicy ginger, and botanical gin.