8 Light Foods To Eat Late At Night For Easy Digestion
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Studies do not recommend eating a large or filling dinner before bed. Eating a heavy dinner so close to bedtime can impair sleep patterns and digestion. Over time, obesity can also result from eating most of a person's daily food consumption in the late afternoon. 

Acid reflux, or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GER), is linked to eating too close to bedtime. When stomach contents come back up the oesophagus, it is known as reflux disease (GER). 

Take a look at the selection of light Indian dishes. These healthful meals include protein, fibre, carbs, and fat. These Dal, Curry, Gravy Sabji, Sukhi Sabjis, Curd Preparations, and Roti recipes are light, digestible, and healthful foods that are perfect for a nighttime meal. You can combine different ingredients to make a nutritious supper or satisfy your appetite and cravings in the middle of the night. 

8 Light Food To Try At Midnight

1. Light Egg Curry 

Indian-style egg curry is a straightforward recipe with freshly ground tomato masala paste and onions. Preparing it is incredibly simple and quick. The best thing about this egg curry is that it tastes great on its own or with any side vegetable. It pairs well with roti late at night and has mild gravy. 

2. Keema Matar Soya 

Made using soy granules and peas, the recipe for soya keema matar is a well-known vegetarian meal from North India. You will become enamoured with soy granules after tasting them. For vegans, it is a good source of protein. The combination of the nutri granules and peas is wonderful. Very flavorful and light, perfect for individuals.

3. Lauki Mangodi 

This lauki mangodi ki sabji is simple, healthy, and quick to prepare. A moong dal dumpling is called a mangodi or mongodi. Mangodi provides the essential protein. The distinct spice content of the mangodi gives the unpopular Lauki a crunchy touch. Please give it a go.

4. Aloo Ki Sabzi Beans

Aloo Ki Sabzi Beans is the simplest way to incorporate greens into any meal with this recipe for aloo sabzi. Whether it's midnight cravings, supper, or dinner, this sabzi can be served with dal, curry, or even plain chapati, curd, and bread. It is quite flexible. These beans and potato sabzi have no onions, garlic, or tomatoes.

5. Yellow Moong Dal

This is a simple recipe for yellow moong dal. Though it is the easiest recipe for Peeli moong dal, it is the finest dal ever. It pairs wonderfully with paratha, chapati, or roti. Peeli moong dal is typically served with aloo gobhi, beans aloo, palak paneer, jeera, and other dry vegetable preparations in Indian homes.

6. Baingan Sabji 

Anybody who enjoys aloo and baingan would adore this version of aloo baingan ki sukhi sabji without onions. This baingan alu ki sabji is really easy to make and rather tasty. It's delicious with the crispy aloo seasoned with dry spices. It's quite light and pairs very well with roti. 

7. Lauki Ki Sabji Dahi

A favourite dish during the summer, when lauki is in season, is dahi wali lauki. Perfect for the searing summer temperatures. It has a velvety touch and sourness from the malai and curd. The finished product has a great flavour. Incredibly easy and quick to prepare. It is light and refreshing all at once.

8. Stir-fried Mix Vegetable

A colourful, healthful, tasty, and incredibly simple dish of mixed vegetables. It is quick to cook and pairs nicely with any type of curry, dal, or gravy. That is a fantastic way to consume green vegetables. The ideal recipe for stir-frying which is light and does not use much of a spice. It fills you very quickly and is quite light. 

Eating late at night can have an impact on blood sugar levels, hunger hormones, and sleep quality. However, eating a modest diet can greatly aid in satiation, simple digestion, and restful sleep.