8 Late-Night Cooling Drinks To Cope With Summer Heat
Image Credit: Pexels

Natural cooling beverages contain organic components, as opposed to factory-produced soft drinks that are just carbonated water with added sugar.

Adding natural fruits or vegetables to water allows them to release their active compounds, which are then combined to create cooling drinks. Thus, consuming cold beverages has the double effect of hydrating the body and providing nutrition for the individual. Why not drink something natural like coconut water or cucumber water? 

The fact that homemade cooling drinks don't contain any artificial ingredients is an additional benefit. Thus, regardless of their health, people of all ages can consume it.

Are you having trouble sleeping due to the heat? In order to unwind in this intense heat, try one of these refreshing drinks. 

8 Midnight Cooling Drinks To Beat The Heat

1. Coconut Water

Nariyal paani, or coconut water, is the healthiest beverage during summer. It is an excellent replacement for revitalising and invigorating the body. Because coconut water is a natural source of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals that rehydrate the body and protect it from illness, it can help you combat the summer heat. What more is there? It may also facilitate improved digestion!

2. Buttermilk

Buttermilk consumption enhances metabolism, helps the body cool down, and relieves gastrointestinal problems that the weather may cause. Buttermilk is a high-probiotic, vitamin- and mineral-rich beverage that helps the body's temperature return to normal. It can also help you maintain proper hydration levels. Also, it is a great beverage for midnight cravings too. 

3. Cucumber Juice

Cucumbers are a good source of fibre, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc, in addition to having a high water content. These nutrients aid in detoxifying the body, preventing constipation, and maintaining proper hydration during the sweltering summer months. Therefore, eat cucumbers whenever you feel fatigued to restore your energy.

4. Sattu

This Bihari-originating desi beverage is renowned for having cooling qualities. The drink is prepared using roasted black chanas, which are ground into sattu powder. Its high protein content, summer-cooling fibre content, and important vitamin content makes it incredibly satisfying and healthful. If you don’t want to eat anything but want something filling to cool you off, this is the drink to choose!

5. Cucumber Limeade With Honey

Cucumber and lemon, which are readily available throughout the summer, are going to be your go-to thirst quenchers. Puree the cucumber chunks, then filter and reserve the juice. Incorporate two tsp honey and two tsp lemon juice, blending thoroughly. Here you have it—a refreshing beverage for summer that is also good for your body!

6. Khus Juice

It's common knowledge that poppy seeds offer relaxing properties. More specifically, its anti-stress characteristics. Poppy seeds are an excellent remedy for mouth ulcers and are also great for digestive, bone, and cardiovascular problems. What is there in it, really, to dislike? Enjoy your summertime by adding some lemon to your khus sherbet.

7. Aam Panna 

The grandmother's favourite. As the name suggests, Aam Panna is made with everyone's beloved and locally grown mangoes, the summer king. You may stock your refrigerators with this beverage, which is made from blended mango pulp, cumin, and mint leaves, to enjoy at any time. You can increase the sweetness or taste as you like. In addition to being pleasant, the beverage gives you energy throughout the hot days!

8. Sugarcane Juice 

This sugarcane juice, which seems to be everywhere, shouts summer! Crushed from the long stalks of sugarcane, it has all the flavour it requires without any more help. But a hint of lemon or mint leaves also work very well. Sugarcane juice, rich in antioxidants, is excellent for the health of the kidneys and liver. This juice also helps prevent foul breath and treat acne. It is also an excellent digestive, which makes it essential for your summertime.

All one needs to do in the heat is stay hydrated and cool by sipping refreshing beverages. You may undoubtedly sleep soundly now that you are aware of these drinks.