7 Healthy Recipe Ideas For Late-Night Dinner
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Preparing dinner late at night becomes a challenge when you need something nutritious in just minutes. While online ordering and outside food can be tempting options, it may be best to prepare something fresh at home and avoid wasting money on unhealthy foods that may leave you with an upset stomach.

Yes, preparing food at home is a healthy option when you have control over what you put in the dish and how digestible it is late at night. For those who think that making food at home is a hassle, there are recipes that can be prepared in minutes with just a handful of ingredients. And with home cooking, you can use gut-healthy ingredients that are easily digestible, offer a nutrient boost and aid sleep with wholesome satisfaction.

From nutritious salads to filling one-pot recipes, try these gut-healthy dinner ideas for late-night satisfaction.

7 Gut-Healthy Dinner Preps For Late Night

1) Chickpea Salad With Pita Bread

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This dish is perfectly made with canned chickpeas, so you won't need to soak or boil them. Just wash the chickpeas and make a quick salad with refreshing veggies like kale, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, coriander, olives and cucumber. Add mayonnaise and squeezed lemon juice on top and fill this salad with pita bread to enjoy.

2) Peanut Slaw With Soba Noodles

Loaded with nutritious vegetables like carrots, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts, it's crunchy, satisfying, and full of flavour. The crunch that comes from roasted peanuts is just out of this world. If you don't have buckwheat noodles, you can make it with any whole-grain noodles.

3) Veggie Potato Kale Soup With Toasted Whole Grain Bread

The velvety texture of this healthy and light soup gives a satisfying feeling late at night. Potatoes add a hearty flavour, which is complemented by fresh kale and assorted vegetables simmered to perfection. Accompanying it with toasted whole grain bread gives the feeling of nourishment in every bite.

4) Sweet Potato-Black Bean Burger

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If you're craving something fancy, like a burger for dinner, you can turn it into a healthy indulgence in your own kiotchen.  This burger is made with mashed sweet potatoes and black beans, creating a tasty patty that's both filling and flavorful. Served on a bun with your favourite toppings, it's a satisfying meal that's easy to make and perfect for satisfying late-night cravings.

5) Grilled Chicken And Vegetable Skewers

For a protein-licious treat, check all the boxes for chicken and vegetable skewers. This gut-friendly dish features marinated tender pieces of chicken with veggies like bell pepper, onion, tomato and kale. Skewered on a long stick and cooked to perfection on a grill, this recipe gets done and dusted in 30 minutes. For a vegan twist, use tofu instead of chicken.

6) Quinoa Salad

Quinoa as a healthy dinner cannot be praised enough! It is a perfect whole grain treat that pairs well with both sweet and savoury ingredients. For a light dinner, this quinoa salad gives a nourishing option with various vegetables and dressings. Plus, you can eat it with bread and rice as well.

7) Vegetable Stir-Fry Pulao

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A simple vegetable pulao can also be a satisfying solution for late-night meal prep. Combine all your favourite veggies in this one-pot recipe, add rice with vegetable stalks and spices and pressure cook it until it's done. This extremely healthy and light recipe can be made into many variations with a switch in ingredients.

When you come home late at night and want a satisfying dinner, try these quick and gut-healing recipes and fulfil your hunger as well as your health.