8 Korean Breakfast Ideas For KDrama Fans
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Korean cuisine is known for its delicious dishes like Ramen and Tteboueki which have become exceedingly popular in all parts of the world. Korean food offers a burst of flavour and yet is not highly unhealthy for the body. Other than hardcore Korean dishes that everyone knows about, Korean cuisine is pretty versatile and offers something for everyone's taste palate.

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Eating scrambled eggs and toast every day for breakfast can be extremely boring. To keep one's meals interesting and healthy, it is essential to introduce new dishes to the breakfast menu from time to time. There is an array of delightful breakfast options in Korean cuisine that please the taste buds and also are quite nutritional as breakfast as well. Here are some Korean breakfast options that are a must-try.

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* Steamed Eggs

Undoubtedly eggs are one of the most nutritious and easy-to-make breakfasts in the world. Conventionally, people eat either scrambled eggs or an omelette during breakfast. On some special occasions, one may make French toast with eggs. But steamed eggs are a delicious way of making eggs for breakfast. These are assorted with a lot of delicious veggies and some meat or seafood for extra protein and antioxidants. This is a very healthy and nutritious breakfast that keeps one full for a long time.

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* Kimchi Pancakes

Kimchi pancakes are a flabbergasting dish that not a lot of people can imagine. Kimchi is a flavourful pickle-like dish that is consumed as a side dish with most of the Korean food. Kimchi pancakes are made by using kimchi, eggs, and flour. A tasty batter of these ingredients is made to form crunchy and healthy pancakes. These pancakes have the right amount of carbohydrates and proteins.

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* Soybean Soup

Soybean soup is very delicious and simple. It is made with an amalgamation of a lot of vegetables, soya bean paste, and tofu or meat as per the preference of the one who is making it. It is highly rich in a lot of nutrients, as well as probiotics. Soybean soup is perfect for somebody who doesn't like having a heavy breakfast early in the morning and wants something light yet nutritious. 

* Korean Porridge 

Koreans have their own form of porridge, just like Indians. Korean porridge is made by a synthesis of different types of grains such as barley, rice, different seeds and a lot of vegetables. This vegetarian porridge is a soul-soothing and light dish that one can have as the first meal in the morning. It is extremely easy to digest and can be modified as per one's preference.

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* Korean Toasts

Korean toast is also called Gilgeori toast in the local language. In Korea, people like to make their toast heavy and delicious. These toasts are made by assorting cheese, ham, vegetables, and eggs. Instead of going for a normal bread, one must go for a whole wheat or multigrain bread. Adding some cabbage or lettuce leaves adds freshness and crunch to these toasts. Having these toasts for breakfast is going to keep one satisfied for a long time. 

* Sweet Potato Latte

One can easily replace their regular breakfast smoothie with this unconventional sweet potato latte. The sweet potato latte is made by using some sweet potatoes that are first steamed and then mixed with milk and some spices. It is such a better alternative to the sugar-saturated smoothies that people drink in the morning. Having this drink in winter is extremely beneficial as it helps keep the body warm. Sweet potatoes are also one of the best sources of good carbohydrates and give the body the needed energy early in the morning.

* Pumpkin Porridge 

Pumpkin porridge is also a very popular breakfast in South Korea. Pumpkin is a very nutritious vegetable and is high in fibre and vitamins. The high fibre content makes it easy to digest, and the stomach doesn't have to do a lot of work. This porridge is made by mixing some mashed pumpkin pulp with some spices and boiled pulses. It is a highly nutritious and tasty porridge.

* Mushroom Pancakes 

Mushroom pancakes may sound bizarre, but they taste very good. These pancakes are made with mushrooms that offer vitamins, proteins, and fibre to the body. Not only are these pancakes a healthy and delicious option for vegetarians, but they're also quite fulfilling. These pancakes can be eaten with the dipping sauce or by themselves.