8 Indian Flatbreads To Try To Curb Your Midnight Cravings
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Bored of eating rotis, every night? Why not try various other flatbreads? A flatbread is bread produced with wheat, water, milk, yoghurt, or another liquid and salt. The dough is then thoroughly rolled into a flat shape. While certain flatbreads, like pita bread, are leavened, most are not.

They can be consumed immediately or packed and frozen for later use. They can also be baked in an oven, fried in hot oil, barbecued over hot coals, or cooked on a hot pan, tava, comal, or metal grill. Evidence of the creation of flatbreads, one of the first processed foods, has been discovered at ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, and Indus civilisation sites.

During the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, Anatolia was home to primitive clay ovens known as tenders used to bake unleavened flatbread. These ovens have been discovered at many Middle Eastern archaeological sites. Making unleavened tenure bread involved sticking bread to the side walls of a hot, cylindrical oven out of the hundreds of bread variants identified from cuneiform sources.

Now that you know much about flatbreads. For your midnight desires, you can try some of these varieties. 

8 Types Of Flatbread To Taste

1. Naan

Naan and curry are the first foods that come to mind when considering Indian cuisine. Naan is a leavened flatbread that can be made using wheat flour, all-purpose flour, or a mix of the two. Although it's traditionally baked in an earthenware oven called a tandoor, oven-baked naan bread is becoming increasingly popular. Without garlic naan, a restaurant's menu is incomplete. 

2. Appam

Rice hoppers, or appam, are soft, bowl-shaped pancakes made with coconut and fermented rice batter. They're highly popular in South India, particularly in Kerala. The heart of them is thick and soft, while the edges are crispy and lacey. Serve with veggie stew or coconut milk for a tasty breakfast. 

3. Bhatura

The dish chole bhature first appeared in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. It combines the flavours of chana masala and bhatura, a maida-based fried bread. Bhatura is a famous deep-fried leavened bread made with all-purpose flour. You can or cannot use yeast when making bhatura. Bhatoora is frequently served with chickpea curry. 

4. Grilled Flatbread With Mushrooms

The delectable combination of earthy mushrooms, creamy crème fraîche, and aromatic herbs atop a flawlessly toasted flatbread makes this dish for grilled mushroom flatbread stand out. It's an example of the strength of simplicity, using a few premium ingredients to make a rustic, comforting meal. You need to try these delicacies as this is very easy to make and tasty. 

5. Yoghurt Flatbread 

There are many other ways to prepare a tasty flatbread, such as purchasing store-bought naan or utilising a ball of pizza dough. If you want to make flatbread from scratch, start with this yoghurt flatbread recipe. This simple recipe has just five ingredients, even for people with little to no baking experience.

6. Chicken Flatbread 

Tender chicken and warm, earthy tones of turmeric are masterfully paired in this aromatic, savoury dish, which is all artfully arranged atop a golden flatbread. Accompanied by a vibrant spinach salad and a smooth yoghurt dressing, this dish is aesthetically pleasing and a perfectly proportioned combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables.

7. Pita 

Pita, or Pitta, is a round flatbread made with wheat flour and yeast. The Mediterranean, the Middle East, and Southern India are the regions where this flatbread is most common. The pita is a thick, spherical flatbread. This is a result of the yeast that is included. Pitas are typically filled with meat, veggies, and curry recipes. Pita is typically served with kebabs and other regional cuisine in the Middle East.

8. Tortilla

The tortilla is a flatbread made of hominy, which is not leavened and is mostly found in North America, Central America, Guatemala, and Mexico. In America and Mexico, tortillas are manufactured from maise flour dehulled and treated with an alkaline solution. Tacos, burritos, and fajitas are Mexican dishes that primarily use tortillas.

Though flatbread is considered one of the most basic bread varieties, it has a great deal of cultural and historical significance. Flatbreads were designed to accompany every kind of food, whether tacos or curries. When the next hunger pang strikes, give these a try.