8 Imli Dishes That should Make It To Your Plate This Summer

The fruit of the tamarind tree is referred to as imli, or tamarind, and is often used in cooking due to its distinct flavour. It has a very acidic, tart flavour that counterbalances sweetness with a little bit of sourness and bitterness. Imli is frequently used to enhance the richness and complexity of meals in Indian, Southeast Asian, and African cuisines. It is an essential component of many curries, including sambar, rasam, pad thai, and tamarind chutney. Imelda is also used to prepare sharbat, a pleasant drink made with tamarind juice, demonstrating its versatility in both savoury and sweet dishes.

1. Pad Thai: 

Thai dush is well-known for its combination of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty flavours in pad Thai. Tender rice noodles, prawns or tofu, bean sprouts, eggs and peanuts are stir-fried with tamarind sauce. The dish's texture is well-balanced thanks to the crunchy bean sprouts, soft noodles, and peanuts. The fish sauce's umami and chilli peppers' heat combine with the tamarind sauce's acidic and somewhat sweet flavour. To enhance the flavours and freshness of the dish, pad Thai is commonly served with extra peanuts, lime wedges, and fresh cilantro as garnish.

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2. Sweet and Sour Tamarind Sauce: 

Tart and Sweet The tasty Imli dish known as "tamarind sauce" has a tangy, sweet, and somewhat sour flavour. Its velvety smoothness and silky texture make it ideal for dipping or drizzling. To make, cook tamarind pulp until it thickens, adding sugar, water, chilli powder, cumin, and a small amount of salt. It enhances the taste and texture of savoury snacks like samosas, pakoras, and chaat with a zesty blast of flavour.

3. Tamarind Agua Fresca: 

A delightful Mexican beverage called tamarind has a tangy-sweet flavour with a hint of tartness from the tamarind. Because the tamarind pulp has been mixed, it has a smooth and velvety feel. To make, combine tamarind pulp, lime juice, sugar or agave syrup, and water; drain and refrigerate. For extra zing, top Tamarind Agua Fresca with a wedge of lime or some fresh mint leaves and serve it over ice. It tastes great on its own, as a thirst quencher on hot days or as an accompaniment to spicy Mexican cuisine.

4. Tamarind Candy: 

Imli Candy is more popular by its other name, tamarind candy. This candy has a combination of sour, sweet and acid flavours that tantalise the tongue. It clings to the teeth and is soft on the tongue, tiny sugar crystals, and acidic tamarind sauce give it a lovely colour. Mix the tamarind agar with sugar, salt and, if - chilli and black salt. Roll it into the shape of a disc or flatten it, and then keep them aside. Provide tamarind candy for those with no time for a meal as they get hungrier or as a fleeting taste for sweet items such as yoghurt, puddings and ice- cream.

5. Tamarind Rice: 

Puliyodarai or Pulihora; this is the name of this rice dish. It is a delicious rice dish that is infused with these savoury, spicy, and pungent flavours. Curry leaf, mustard seed and red chilli conjure a fullness, while tamarind punch brings in the tanginess. The sauce that covers the grains (tamarind sauce) gives the rice an almost fluffy and slightly, but just a little bit, sticky texture. Secondly, the cooked rice is blended together with tamarind and spice paste and then flamed with the seasoning. As a halal restaurant, we would ensure we included outcomes such as fried appetisers, crisp papadams or a dish of yoghurt to balance the flavours as it has been served traditionally.

6. Khatti Mithi Baigan: 

A dish made from cooked eggplant (baigan) in a sweet and sour tamarind-based sauce is Khatti Mithi Baigan. This sensational dish comprises a unique mixture of earthly tones, the sweetness of the jaggery or sugar, and the tanginess of the tamarind. The dish has a tender and soft texture; also, the sauce and the egg plant flavours come into play as it absorbs the delicacy of the sauce. Toc make, sear first the eggplant slices and then cook again (tamarind pulp, jaggery,  sauce mix and water) until it is tender in a liquid. 

7. Imli ka Sharbat: 

Imli ka Sharbat is a tangy, sweet, and somewhat sour drink made with tamarind. It is refreshing. It is a vivid reddish-brown colour with a smooth, syrupy texture. Tamarind pulp is prepared by combining it with water, sugar, jaggery, and spices such as black salt and roasted cumin powder. After that, the beverage is poured over ice cubes and cooled. Fresh mint leaves are added as a garnish. Imli ka Sharbat goes well with spicy appetisers or grilled meals and is typically offered as a refreshing drink on hot summer days.

8. Tamarind Popsicles:

Popsicles with tamarind give a delicious combination of tart, sweet, and slightly sour flavours. They are ideal for hot summer days because of their smooth, frosty feel. To make it, thoroughly mix tamarind paste with sugar, water, and a small amount of salt. Fill the moulds with the mixture, insert the sticks, and freeze until set. The ideal way to enjoy mango or pineapple slices with your mango or papaya popsicles is as a cool dessert on their own or combined with them for a little sweetness and contrast.