8 Famous Dishes From Nashik To Explore

Maharashtrian food often gets homegenised into the cuisine of the larger cities like Mumbai and Pune, but there are many regions that make up this vast state and each with its own unique culinary identity. The Khandesh region which includes Nashik, Jalgaon and Ahmednagar is one with a plethora of interesting dishes to sample, influenced by the local agriculture as well as the cuisines of neighbouring states. 

Over the course of centuries, there has been a lot of migration into the Khandesh region from Rajasthan and Gujarat, and these influences can often be seen in the cuisine and history of Nashik. The food bears the distinct hallmarks of Mughal, Yadav and Chalukya cultures which have shaped the food of this city into a kaleidoscope of flavours. 

Here are 8 famous dishes from Nashik you should try.

Video Credits: Nikita's Kitchen Recipes/YouTube

8 Famous Foods From Nashik

1. Nasik Misal Pav

Misal Pav is a staple breakfast all across Maharashtra and every region has its own signature was of preparing it. The dish consists of the staple Pav (bread), which is served with two rassas or gravies which are flavoured with Nashik’s signature Kala Masala. On is the standard misal curry with sprouts and another is a thinner gravy called ‘Kutt’ served with fried potato strands. 

2. Makai Chivda:

Chivda is a favourite snack food all over India, but in Nashik, one variety stands out. Makai Chivda made from crunchy flakes of corn, tossed in spices, nuts and sometimes dry fruits. This anytime snack is a nod to the Gujarati influence in Nashik and usually served alongside a cup of piping hot tea

3. Vangyacha Bhareet:

What sets a Khandeshi ‘bhareet’ apart from similar brinjal dishes in other parts of India is the use of local white and green brinjals, peanuts and spring onions. This roasted eggplant dish is usually served with bhakris or polis and is a warm, comforting dish that many locals love.

4. Shev Bhaaji:

Another dish influenced by Gujarati staples, this dish features thick orange shev (a gram flour noodle) that’s soaked in a thick, rich gravy that’s spiced with local masalas, poppy seeds, coconut and peanuts. Be sure not to pick thin shev for this dish as it will dissolve too quickly!

5. Amti:

This Maharashtrian rendition of dal incorporates the distinctive Nashika spice blend known as Goda Masala. Yellow lentils form the base, complemented by the warmth of chillies, garam masala, and curry leaves. The addition of Goda Masala imparts a regional essence. It can serve as a complementary side or take center stage, accompanying rotis or atop rice.

6. Ansa Phansachi Bhaji:

From the local produce, Ansa Phansachi Bhaji stands out as a delectable, fruity delight originating from Nasik. Ripe mangoes, jackfruit, and pineapple meld to create this dish. The natural sweetness is enhanced by jaggery, while red chillies and turmeric add a well-balanced tempering. This popular summer dish is exclusively available during the appropriate seasonal periods.

7. Gulachi Poli:

Polis are a staple of Maharashtrian cuisine and a much-loved sweet bread. Crafted from wheat flour, it encases a sweet filling comprising gram flour, jaggery, and peanuts. Typically made in local households, Gulachi Poli takes centre stage during regional festivals like Makar Sankranti and other special occasions.

8. Zunka Bhakri:

The ultimate comfort dish, this is often seen as a simple ‘farmer’s meal’ but is much loved in most homes too. Traditionally a side dish paired with rotis, Zunka is a thick dal made from features a base of gram flour with fried onions, mustard seeds, and ginger garlic added for flavour and served with rice flour bhakris.