8 Desserts That Do Not Mess Up Your Weight Loss Diet
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Being fit and shedding kilos to reach a weight that is good for your health is one of the best, yet toughest decisions that you will ever take. But embracing the discipline required for a weight loss journey doesn't mean giving up on all your favourite treats, including desserts. With smart choices, you can satisfy your sweet tooth while still making progress toward your health and fitness goals.

It is actually advisable to eat things that make you happy, because fitness is not a phase, it is a lifestyle. So, removing desserts all together from your meals is a step that could backfire – your body might crave sugar which can lead to binge-eating. So, it is important to listen to your body. Here are 8 desserts that you can enjoy in moderation while also maintaining your weight loss diet. 


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Phirni is a creamy rice pudding that can be made with low-fat milk and a moderate amount of sugar or a sugar substitute. It's flavored with cardamom and garnished with slivers of almonds or pistachios. By controlling the sugar content and portion size, you can enjoy this traditional dessert without compromising your weight loss goals.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content (70% or more), can be a surprisingly healthy dessert option. It's lower in sugar than milk chocolate and contains antioxidants known as flavonoids, which may have several health benefits. Enjoy a small piece of dark chocolate as an occasional treat to satisfy your chocolate cravings without derailing your diet. 

Baked Apples with Cinnamon

Baked apples are a warm and comforting dessert that's both nutritious and delicious. Simply core an apple, sprinkle it with cinnamon, and bake until it's tender. Cinnamon adds a delicious smelling aroma without adding extra calories, and apples provide fibre to keep you feeling full. Healthy and tasty combine to give you the best experience.

Greek Yoghurt with Berries

Greek yogurt is a protein-packed choice that's creamy and satisfying. Top it with fresh berries like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries for a burst of natural sweetness and antioxidants. This dessert is not only delicious but also a great source of calcium and probiotics, which support gut health. 

Kesar Dahi

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Saffron yogurt, also known as kesar dahi, is a simple and elegant dessert. Mix a few strands of saffron into a bowl of plain yogurt, add a touch of honey for sweetness, and let it infuse in the fridge. Saffron not only imparts a lovely flavour but also offers potential health benefits. This dessert is rich in protein and probiotics. 

Chia Seed Pudding

Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse, packed with fibre, healthy fats, and protein. Combine them with your choice of milk (such as almond, coconut, or low-fat dairy) and a touch of natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup. Let the mixture sit in the fridge until it thickens, and you have a creamy chia seed pudding that's both satisfying and nutritious.

Fruit Chaat

Fruits are the best snacks to curb sugar cravings. Fruit chaat is a popular dish that's both tasty and nutritious. It combines a variety of fruits like apples, bananas, pomegranate seeds, and oranges with a sprinkle of chaat masala and a squeeze of lemon juice. The tangy, sweet and spicy flavours make it a satisfying snack that's low in calories and high in vitamins. 

Ragi Ladoo

Ragi (finger millet) is a nutritious grain that's high in fibre and protein. These ladoos are made by roasting ragi flour with a touch of jaggery or honey for sweetness. They are a wholesome and energy-boosting dessert option that provides sustained energy and helps control cravings.