8 Delicious Ways To Incorporate Moong Dal Into Your Daily Diet

Split mung beans, or moong dal, are a great addition to any diet for several reasons. Protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals like potassium, magnesium, and folate are all abundant in it. Moong dal helps to build muscle, aids in digestion, maintains heart health, controls blood sugar, and increases vitality, according to a study mentioned in the National Institute of Health.

You may incorporate moong dal into your diet by cooking it as a tasty curry with spices and veggies, making a soup or stew, sprouting it for salads or snacks, or combining it with rice for a filling dinner.

Here is a list of ways to add moong dal to your daily diet:

1. Green Gram Salad: 

Soak green gram (moong dal) for several hours or overnight to soften it before assembling a green gram dal. After the water has been drained, combine the soaked green gramme with the finely cut bell peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions.

Video credit: YouTube/ Bhusanur.cooking

To enhance the taste, incorporate finely chopped coriander leaves, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and a small amount of chaat masala. Combine all ingredients and present the chilled Green Gramme Salad as a wholesome and revitalising side dish or light dinner.

2. Hare Moong Ki Khichdi: 

Start by soaking the rice and full green moong dal in water for a few hours before making Hare Moong ki Khichdi. After that, drain the water and use spices like cumin seeds, turmeric, ginger, and salt in a pressure cooker to cook the rice and dal. After cooking, top with chopped coriander leaves and serve warm, accompanied by a dollop of yoghurt or ghee. This healthy khichdi can be eaten as a meal on its own or, for more taste, served with raita or pickles.

3. Moong Dal Halwa: 

Split yellow moong dal should first be soaked for a few hours before being ground into a coarse paste to make moong Dal Halwa. Dal paste should be added to hot ghee and cooked till golden brown. After adding the milk, sugar, and cardamom powder, heat the liquid until it thickens. Add chopped nuts as a garnish and serve warm. Usually served hot or warm, moong dal halwa is a dessert that is enhanced with extra almonds or a dollop of ghee for richness.

4. Pesarattu: 

Pesarattu is made by soaking rice and green gram (moong dal) for a whole night, then blending them into a smooth batter with salt, ginger, cumin seeds, and green chillies. To make thin crepes, spread the batter over a hot griddle. Serve hot pesarattu with your choice of chutney—ginger, coconut, or tomato—for a tasty and wholesome breakfast or snack. For extra taste and texture, you can also stuff it with Upma Pesarattu, a spiced potato filling.

5. Moong Dal Namkeen: 

A common Indian snack, fried moong dal namkeen is prepared with split and fried mung beans. The mung beans are soaked, drained, then deep-fried till crispy and golden brown. After that, a variety of spices are added to the fried dal to give it more flavour, including cumin, salt, black pepper, and occasionally red chilli powder. This salty and crunchy snack is great with tea or as a crunchy garnish on salads and chaats.

6. Moong Dal Ka Paratha: 

Moong Dal Ka Paratha is made by soaking moong dal for a whole night and then grinding it into a rough paste. To make a dough, combine whole wheat flour, herbs, and spices. Parts of the dough should be rolled out into circles and cooked in ghee on a hot griddle until crisp and brown. For a wholesome and tasty supper, serve the paratha hot with yoghurt, pickles, or a side of veggies.

7. Moong Dal Dhokla: 

Soak moong dal for the entire night before making moong dhokla. Combine it with ginger, green chillies, and salt, and grind it into a smooth paste. After adding the yoghurt, give the batter a few hours to ferment. Next, incorporate some baking soda and turmeric powder. Transfer the mixture onto oiled dhokla dishes and cook under steam for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. After cooking, add green chillies, curry leaves, and mustard seeds to taste. Serve as a tasty snack with tamarind or green chutney.

8. Moong Dal Tadka: 

Soaked moong dal should first be boiled till tender to make moong dal tadka. Heat some ghee or oil in a different pan and add the curry leaves, green chillies, sliced onions, garlic, cumin and mustard seeds. Onions are sautéed till golden. Add the tomatoes, cumin powder, coriander, turmeric, and salt. Cook until the tomatoes are tender. Stir the cooked dal into the seasoning. Add a little lemon juice and cilantro as garnish. Serve hot Moong Dal Tadka over roti or rice for a hearty supper.