8 Delicious Chicken Dishes For Late-Night Parties
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"Chicken dinner" was always a special meal that the kids looked forward to when they were growing up. Recipes like Chicken Manchurian, Murgh Mussalam, Malai Tikka, Chilli Chicken, and Chicken Tikkas bring back fond memories of family meals. Cooking chicken wasn't particularly a laborious duty for the mothers either. Making mouthwatering curries, stir-fries, roasts, and bakes in a matter of minutes had the whole family beaming with satisfaction.

Chicken is a recommended option for dinners at home because it is a healthier meat group. It is versatile and easily combined with a variety of foods and seasonings. It may be prepared in a variety of ways. Continue reading if you want to try some more dinnertime recipes at home than just curries!

8 Delicious Chicken Dishes To Make For Dinner

1. Amritsari Chicken Masala

A favourite dish in Punjabi cuisine is Amritsari Chicken Masala. One of the most cherished Indian cuisines is given here. Chunks of boneless chicken covered in a creamy, buttery sauce made with tomatoes, cream, and spices. It is highly recommended to taste this food, particularly during the holiday season. Thus, only the greatest will do to wow your guests.

2. Butter Chicken

This one should be kept close to heart. The chicken is marinated throughout the entire night, roasted, and then prepared with cream, masalas, and tomato puree. This North Indian-style chicken recipe is a hit across the nation and makes a great dinner party dish. This is an excellent dish from one of the Capital's most well-known eateries.

3. Malvani Chicken

This spicy curry has a coconut base. The freshly ground malvani spice is the star of this chicken curry. Malvani chicken curry is an intense, delicious chicken dish from the Konkan area of Maharashtra, and it's the ideal recipe for all you spice lovers out there. Your taste senses will be tingling after this, and you will want more!

4. Shami Kebab

One of the greatest recipes for non-vegetarian snacks to serve as dinner party appetisers is Shami Kebabs. These meat kebabs are often made with mutton, but you can simply make them with chicken by following this recipe. Shaami kebabs are so popular that you can find them on most restaurant menus; however, you can make and enjoy them at home right now with this easy step-by-step recipe. For a better flavour, serve with lemon wedges and tart coriander chutney.

5. Masala-roasted Chicken

Are you having a bonfire-fueled party at home? This is the ideal snack to start with! In this recipe for roasted chicken, dry yet juicy chicken is marinated in a variety of hot masalas and cooked to perfection. This chicken recipe will definitely be the talk of the snack table with its flavours of red chilli, ginger-garlic, tandoori, and peppercorn masala, coupled with chaat masala and a hint of lime.

6. Chicken Stew Appam

A delicious curry stewed in coconut milk, chicken stew is full of distinct flavours and spices. Making chicken stew at home is a simple task on festive occasions. It is also a favourite Easter dish with a long history in the Kerala region. It is believed to have started as a British dish that Malayalee chefs in Kerala later modified by adding coconut milk and unique spices. The ideal side dish for the curry is appam, a rice pancake with a southern flair.

7. Xacuti Chicken

A Goan speciality is chicken xacuti. With chicken chunks cooked in a blend of regional spices, including coconut, cashews, and white poppy seeds, this curry is quite hot. A unique recipe for chicken curry that goes well with rice for a dinner party.

8. Chicken Do Pyaaza 

The name of this recipe comes from using twice as many onions as a typical curry. It is a popular dish in Punjab that is cooked with freshly ground garam masala, cream, ginger-garlic, kasoori methi, and several other spices. A variety of spices counter the slight sweetness imparted by the use of onions. For those who enjoy spicy food and chicken, this recipe is a delight.

Chicken is light on the stomach and doesn't contain any bad fats. It tastes great with a variety of spices. Taste these foods!