8 Delicious Brownies To Satisfy Midnight Cravings
Image Credit: Pexels

Not only is the chocolate brownie a mainstay of café culture, but it's also one of the easiest baked goods many of you try making at home for the first time. Chocolate brownies are a childhood favourite that never goes out of style, though you could definitely up the ante on the recipe to make it more sophisticated.

Not every brownie was made equally. Fans of this straightforward dessert may become divided into two groups: die-hard chocolate enthusiasts who prefer their brownies to be dense, rich, compact, and fudgy, or cake enthusiasts who opt for lighter and airier brownies with a crumb resembling cake.

Find out where the recipes diverge when adding leavening agents—from fudgy to cakey chocolate brownies. These are the ideal dishes to satisfy your midnight desires. 

Brownies To Soothe Midnight Cravings

1. Traditional Chocolate Brownies

When people think of brownies, most people probably think of the traditional chocolate brownie. Only a few basic ingredients are needed for this classic brownie recipe: butter, eggs, sugar, flour, and chocolate. Made with equal amounts of chocolate and butter and very little flour, classic chocolate brownies are fudgy and dense. These classic fudgy chocolate brownies taste great when served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

2. Double Chocolate Brownies

Double chocolate brownies elevate this traditional dessert to a new level for chocolate lovers. With cocoa powder and chocolate chunks or chips, these brownies provide a deep, rich chocolate flavour. Using premium cocoa powder to create a rich, dark chocolate base is essential for double chocolate brownies. Dutch-processed cocoa is believed to be the best. Allow it to cool fully before slicing for the most fudge-like texture.

3. Blondies

Brown sugar and vanilla are used instead of dark chocolate to create a delectable twist on classic brownies called blondies. Blondies derive their name from the use of brown sugar as the main ingredient, whereas conventional brownies obtain their distinctive chocolate flavour from cocoa powder. The vanilla enhances the warm, sweet flavours, and the brown sugar offers a caramel-like, toffee-like taste and golden colour. Blondies resemble fudgy brownies in texture—they're chewy and dense. Blondies are a delicious take on brownies for those who want a softer chocolate taste.

4. Walnut Brownies 

Before baking, chopped walnuts are mixed into the dough for walnut brownies. The walnuts provide each piece with a wonderful crunch and toast to a subtle, earthy flavour that goes well with the rich chocolate. Try substituting ground walnuts for a quarter cup of flour to further enhance the nuttiness. The end product is a fudgy brownie with roasted walnut pieces scattered throughout for a nutty take on a traditional dessert.

5. Pecan Brownies 

Pecan brownies are a fantastic option for even more crunch. The stronger, butterier flavour of pecans goes nicely with chocolate. Before adding the nuts to the mixture, roughly chop them. Too-small pieces tend to disappear into the backdrop. Ensuring visible pecan bits in every portion guarantees that each mouthful has that satisfying crunch. Pecan brownies are a nutty, delicious treat that is hard to resist.

6. Nutella Brownies

Nutella, a rich chocolate hazelnut spread, is a great addition to fudgy brownies. When nutty Nutella is mixed in, brownie batter has swirls of chocolate hazelnut delight. Bake some brownies and fill the cooled bars with frosting smeared with Nutella for an even more decadent Nutella experience. With its rich chocolate flavour and nutty undertones, Nutella elevates these brownies to a new level.

7. Peanut Butter Brownies 

Make yourself a delicious snack that satisfies your cravings by combining two beloved flavours: peanut butter and chocolate. A compelling combination results from peanut butter's rich, nutty flavour mixed with fudgy brownie batter. Try using powdered peanuts instead of part of the flour in the brownie recipe for even more peanut flavour.

8. Chocolate-Cherry Brownies

Cherry brownies are a delicious delicacy that will please many. The sweet cherries' bright, acidic juice counterbalances the chocolate's intensity. To make them, you can use dark chocolate or baking chocolate. As the cherries bake, they exude sweet nectar, which turns them into delectable fruit pockets. Tart cherries are a great way to counteract the sweetness. These brownies take a traditional recipe and give it a fruity twist, with a cherry kiss in every fudgy bite.

While there's nothing wrong with a pan of easy, no-fuss brownies baked at home, there are moments when you just want to go above and beyond. Give these a try!