8 Classic Dishes That Make Up A Traditional Maharashtrian Thali
Image Credit: Unsplash

Maharashtrian cuisine has an equal variety to that of Indian cuisine as a whole. A state that is a fusion of several cuisines is the consequence of each region offering a distinct flavour. There are always plenty of options for a filling meal when it comes to Maharashtrian cuisine. Like other regional cuisines, traditional Marathi meals are also served in a huge thali.

Maharashtrians are known for their flavourful and nutrient-dense diet, and they enjoy experimenting with food. However, are you aware of the staple foods of a traditional Maharashtra thali? These are some classic Maharashtrian dishes, served in thalis, which represent a very traditional yet filling lunch.


In Maharashtra and Gujarat, people enjoy aamras made from mangoes, which are summertime fruits. People drink it with their meals as it is so nutritious and delicious.

Additions such as cardamom, saffron, or dried ginger may easily elevate it, but its simplicity allows for many customisation options. Although canned versions of aamras are available all year round, authentic aamras is a summertime delicacy.


This hearty Maharashtrian salad is made using cucumber, onions, salt, sugar, green chillies, and toasted peanuts. It is a quintessential meal of a Maharashtrian thali, and it wouldn't be complete without koshimbir. Not only that, but the salad also has cooling properties while providing a good crunch and flavour.

Puran Poli

Puran poli is a traditional flatbread that makes a Maharashtrian thali unique and full of flavours. It is made using whole-wheat flour, chana dal, gur, and spice combination to blend the different flavours perfectly. Apart from being a part of the thali, puran poli is also often enjoyed in many festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Holi.

Katachi Amti

This is a typical dish of sour and spicy Maharashtrian dal produced from the leftover water from making yellow chana dal. Add curry leaves, spicy garam masala, chiles, and mustard for seasoning. It's stated that the leftover chana dal after cooking puran poli is utilised to make this delectable dal. This dal pairs nicely with rice but is traditionally eaten with puran poli.

Mugachi Usal

One of the most well-liked dishes in Maharashtra is mugachi usal. To make the dish, sprouted moong dal, ginger, coconut, and chilli are added. The inclusion of protein in Maharashtrian mungachi usal makes it incredibly nutritious while also being loaded with flavours.

Masala Bhat

A traditional Maharashtrian meal, masala bhat consists of rice combined with vegetables and a unique spice mixture known as Goda masala. Serve masala bhat with any spicy gravy or raita for maximum flavour. Serve it with the remaining dishes from your thali, and garnish it with freshly shredded coconut.


A popular flatbread prepared with wheat flour that is deep-fried is called puri. Although it is frequently served with potato curry, it also goes incredibly well with other dishes like aamras, usal, or amti that are part of a traditional Maharashtrian thali.

Limbacha Sherbet 

Lemonade is known as Limbacha sherbet in Maharashtra, while lemons are referred to as limbacha. It is the ideal summertime beverage and is quite simple to prepare. It also helps as a nice drink to complete your drink since it feels light on the stomach and provides a refreshing flavour boost.