City Foodies Recommend 8 Best Christmas Cakes Around Kochi
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Spiced, fruit-loaded Christmas cakes are to the holiday season what water is to fish. Weaving memories of sneaking bites of the dense, rum-infused cake, as everyone eagerly waits to enjoy the grand feast is a core anecdote that most children growing up in Christian households might have experienced. What it really symbolises – more than the holidays – is a sense of community and closeness that is imbibed as a way of sharing something sweet and possibly luxurious.

Kochi – famously known for its amazing bakeries that dish out old-school goodies through the year – has also become a place that is markedly made way for cafés to accommodate a more contemporary crowd. This is not to say that the city’s love for cake was diminished in any which way; if anything, it has seemingly grown with time and extended beyond just fruit cake for Christmas. Whether it is the layered torte cake that has netizens going gaga over the richness, or the famed chocolate cake that is on every foodie’s list, Kochi has proven that you don’t really need a specific reason to enjoy some cake.

That said, this Christmas is not just about the quintessential plum cake that is a must on the list, but also about some special cakes that have taken over the craze for festive cakes during the holiday season. From legendary eateries to contemporary mentions, there’s something for just about everyone who wants to dig their fork into a sweet treat.


We’ve rounded up a list of places, with a little help from foodies who went about the city, to have you find yourself the best Christmas cake experience; and for a quick bite, of course!

Pandhal Cake Shop – Recommended by Zachariah Jose & Jobin Johnster (@cochinfooddiaries)

What is possibly one of the most iconic cakes from Kochi, the Pandhal Cake Shop’s Mattanchere spice plum cake is famed beyond compare. “This is a super rich matured plum cake which we can easily say is one of the best we have had in a long long time!” mention the duo. The rich and deep brown cake has a surprisingly moist crumb, unl;ike most other fruit cakes – giving it a characteristic aroma and flavour. 

Location: GCDA Shopping Complex, Panampilly Nagar

Timings: Daily, 9am-9pm. 

Cost for two: ₹400

Navya Bake Shop – Recommended by Karthik Murali (@eatkochieat)

The unassuming bakery not only bakes enough fruit cakes for the people of Kochi to indulge in each year, but also ships across the country for anyone craving an authentic Christmas experience. This year, the bakery churned out almost 5 lakh cakes from their production unit where cakes are made like clockwork. What’s more? They’re even available for purchase on Amazon!

Location: Xix/116/1, Kaiprambattu Building, Bypass Junction, Aluva

Timings: Daily, 9am-9pm. 

Cost for two: ₹600

Palaaram – Recommended by Justin Pappalil (@being_a_foodie)

In what has been an ongoing Christmas tradition for this foodie, Justin finds himself enjoying a piece of Palaaram’s plum cake after a delicious holiday dinner with family and friends. On offer is also a host of other Christmas delicacies done Kerala style – with dishes like tharavu mappas, cutlets, fish moilee and appams on the menu for a grand feast worthy of the festivities. Those interested in getting a taste can pre-order set meals or individual items off of their special menu.

Location: Vallathol Junction, Thrikkakara, Kakkanad

Timings: Daily, 8am-10.45pm. 

Cost for two: ₹600

Priya Bake House – Recommended by @madly_yummy

This iconic little bakery has patrons making a beeline for its viral 5-layer torte cake – a treat that has gone on to be the season’s dessert, surpassing all fruit cakes. Layered with chocolate sponge, custard and buttercream, and dusted with some cocoa powder on top – this creamy and luscious cake is sure to induce a nap once it has been consumed. Don’t forget to get a bottle of their fresh, cold-pressed grape juice on your visit there.

Location: Nada, Koodalmanikyam Temple Road, Irinjalakuda

Timings: Daily, 8am-9pm. 

Cost for two: ₹600

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The Oven – Recommended by Hena & Achu (@hena_achu_official)

If you thought Christmas cakes could only be one kind of awesome, think again. Located alongside the picturesque promenade of Marine Drive, The Oven is serving up a variety of plum cakes this holiday season. Whether you’re in the mood for just a good ol’ piece of plum cake or want something infused with mocha, The Oven does it all with aplomb! The sister duo also recommends getting their brownie donut for bite-sized sugar cravings.

Location: 40/3153, Ground Floor, Shenoy Chamber, Shanmugam Road, Marine Drive

Timings: Daily, 9am-9pm. 

Cost for two: ₹250

Kashi Art Café – Recommended by Tony Kurian (@little_mallu)

To put it in Tony’s words, “When you come to Fort Kochi, this one is a must-visit.” What is considered to be the millenial’s iconic dessert from Kochi of all time, Kashi Art Café’s chocolate cake enjoys a local celebrity like none other. A soft, dense slice blanketed in molten chocolate and garnished with pomegranate seeds, this cake is special on any other day as it is even during Christmas. This cake is also perfect for those who do not typically enjoy a fruit cake and are looking to binge on something familiar and comforting.

Location: Burgher Street, Fort Kochi

Timings: Daily, 9am-9pm. 

Cost for two: ₹700

Special Mentions:

French Toast – Recommended by Dhruv Kuruvilla (@polestar420)

The Kochi-based café, which is on its own a cultural phenomenon due to their ethical culinary practice approach to cooking, bakes a limited number of cakes each year during Christmas. Dhruv, who finds himself to be one among the lucky 178 receivers of the café’s delicious, preservative-free Christmas cake – known as Cake Aux Fruits – suggests that you make a prior booking at least 10 days before they’re ready to sell these precious goodies.

Location: 8th Cross, Street B, Ambikapuram Road, Panampilly Nagar

Timings: Daily, 9am-9pm.

Cost for two: ₹700

Bread World – Recommended by Aryan Tharakan

This delivery-only establishment churns out eggless Christmas cakes for vegetarians who are interested in enjoying this delicacy during the festive season. With deliveries available all over the city, make sure to not miss out on getting your fill of the holiday treats and share them with your loved ones.

Location: Thykoodam Service Rd, Vyttila, Thykoodam

Cost for two: ₹400