8 Bengali Sweets That Celebrate the Sweetness of Nolen Gur
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Every Bengali knows that the onset of winter means it’s time to yourself to some of the most amazing sweets of the year. Everyone eargerly awaits the fall season for the arrival of fresh nolen gur in the markets. And for those who are new to the idea of nolen gur, it is typically a variant of jaggery. We know that the usual jaggery is acquired from regular sugar cane, but Nolen gur is obtained from the Palm tree, and this Nolen Gur is called Palm jaggery

In West Bengal, this Palm jaggery is relished in all its forms, from making sweets and desserts to gulping down the raw syrup. Here are 8 renowned and delicious nolen gur desserts you must get your hands on this winter. 

1. Nolen gurer Rasgulla

A popular Bengali delicacy, the nolen gurer Rasgulla is best known for its delicious mouth watering tastes deeply steeped in the Bengali culture. This popular dessert is made out of date palm jaggery or “Nolen gur” and soft chhena (cottage cheese) balls, which have a nice caramel-like taste to them. It gives this dessert an earthy quality that leaves an imprint on your palate. The traditional taste of Bengal is represented by rasgulla made of nolen gurer. People enjoy it during celebrations as well as ordinary days. It creates excitement after each drop of the sweetened juice.

2. Nolen Gurer Patishapta

Patishapta is a delicious Bengali sweet dish treasured for its distinctive taste and cultural value. It is made up of fine crepes that are either prepared using rice flour or semolina, stuffed in a rich Nolen Gur/palm jaggery flavour with kheer and shredded coconuts. Once fully cooked, this Patishapta is taken off the pan and rolled up to form a cylinder shape that is very crunchy on the outside while soft in the inner layers and sweet like sugar. This dish is made mainly during winter months in West Bengal, India. Anyone looking for local delicacies should not miss out on this one.

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3. Joynagarer Moa

Joynagarer Moa is a famous Bengali sweet from Joynagar, a town in West Bengal in India. A beloved treat that people associate with celebrations and special occasions. It may be said that Moa has become a part of the culture. Puffed rice, jaggery, and sometimes a pinch of cardamom combine to form this classic candy that has an unforgettable taste. This special product of Bengali cuisine is crafted by local sweetmakers, and they invest their heart and soul into it. 

4. Jalbhara Sandesh

Jalbhara Sandesh is a Bengali dessert that has a number of flavours that give it this taste, feel, and texture. The outer layer of this dish is made with homemade cottage cheese, and the filling is made with a delicious nolen gur syrup. Jalbhara, which means “filled with water,” signifies what lies within it. People with a sweet tooth cherish this as part of their Bengali cuisine.

5. Palm Jaggery Payesh

In general, palm jaggery payesh is a delicious Bengali dessert similar to porridge. It is made up of soft rice and flavoured milk by combining palm jaggery. Nolen gur is added to previously boiled rice and milk, which has been brought to a slow boil. The outcome is a soft, creamy, scented dessert that tastes like caramel and, therefore, becomes a popular feast for celebrations and festivals, mostly on people’s birthdays; it is a Bengali tradition of eating payesh.

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6. Nolen gurer chamcham

Nolen Gurer Chamcham is a yummy Bengali sweet, which is made by blending the thick taste of Nolen Gur with the smooth feel of chamcham. Dessert is popularly served during winter in West Bengal, India. The distinct smoky sweetness comes from chamcham — a dish of local milk-sweets soaked in nolen gur syrup. Therefore, it melts in your mouth and brings authentic Bengali flavours into play, which no one should miss if you crave some real Bengal taste.

7. Palm Jaggery Malpua

An exotic dessert consisting of Palm Jaggery and flavourful malpua, this Indian version will surely leave your taste buds asking for more. The thick and sweet batter is prepared from ripe bananas, flour, and palm jaggery. It is then spooned onto hot ghee and shaped as little pancakes, which are cooked until they turn golden coloured. Chopped nuts to garnish and palm jaggery syrup, Palm Jaggery Malpua is one of the most cherished sweets of Indian cuisine.

8. Nolen gurer kachha golla

Another popular Bengali dessert is nolen gurer kachha golla, which is so sweet it tastes like heaven. This is made of Chhena (soft cottage cheese) that has been softened and blended into the Aromatic Nolen Gurer (Date Palm Jaggery). The round and soft sweets that dissolve quickly have traces of grated coconut. They are made during the wintertime and represent winter in Bengal. A popular treat that brings nostalgia to many is nolen gurer kachha golla– a traditional dessert made with condensed milk, cottage cheese, and cardamom powder.