8 Authentic Taiwanese Dishes You Need To Explore
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Taiwan is a former part of Chinese territory, and there are many similarities between the two cultures. Even in food, we can find quite a number of similarities between them; for example, their staple is rice. However, after Taiwan became a separate and independent country, its food culture evolved. 

Now that Taiwan is being recognised as a different country, some of its authentic delicacies have come into the spotlight. However, a huge part of Taiwan is influenced by global food trends and is on the verge of losing its old intricate traditions of culinary techniques and flavours. 

To revive the authentic culinary traditions of Taiwan and bring to light their flavours, here are some of the 8 authentic Taiwanese dishes you need to explore. 

1. Beef noodle soup

Beef noodle soup One of the popular dishes loved by Asians, particularly those of Taiwanese and Vietnamese origin, is beef, which represents one of the hearty delicacies. Slow-cooked succulent beef served on noodles/rice or just plain egg with flavourful soup broth. Depending on the region, the amount of broth can either be deep, clear, thick or aromatically rich. Fresh herbs; bean sprouts; hoisin sauce; and chilli paste come as garnishing; and give you an option of having different flavours that can be appreciated as a comfort food and; at the same time be enjoyable.

2. Gua bao

A Taiwanese delicacy known as gua bao, which refers to a soft, steamed bun wrapped around some yummy filling, usually includes braised pork belly, fresh herbs for aroma, some crushed peanuts, and tangy veggies in a pick The tender and salty pork belly blends well with the fresh veggie crunch in this culinary work. Gua bao is one item that has become so famous in the international scene due to its peculiar taste and looks. It makes some sort of food adventurism for many food lovers who feel like they can never forget a mouthwatering food experience in Taiwan.

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, which can be translated as “braised pork rice.” The combination of ground pork, aromatic spices, and rice come together to create this flavorful and hearty meal. A tasty and affordable dish featuring well-cooked meat flavoured with simple sauce on top of rice. It’s garnished with pickled vegetables, fried shallots and hard-boiled egg creating a delightful combination of textures and flavours. Taiwan’s specialty dish is Lu Rou Fan which captures a delicious mouthwatering taste blended with a faint taste of sweetness.

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6. Bubble Tea

One famous Taiwanese drink is bubble tea or boba tea which enjoyed immense international acclaim. Sweet tea (flavoured often with fruit or milk) combined with chewy tapioca pearls is this delightful drink that creates a rich and distinctive feel in one’s mouth. With their oversized straws, people sip their way through delicious flavours that explode with each gulp but don’t let you down when it comes to “bursting”. Bubble tea is rich in flavour and variety that have made it one of the favourite refreshing beverages for people looking for a sugary drink.

7. Danzai noodle

They feature traditional Taiwanese danzai noodles, which have originated in Tainan and are warmly received by consumers alike. They are made of some thick wheat noodles, some meat, onions, ginger, garlic, chilli or peppers depending on preference, and coriander. The combination and harmony in the flavours and texture are what make these street foods popular. People who crave the original taste of Taiwan’s traditional dishes will definitely love this noodle dish.

8. Oyster Omelet

It is a delicious Taiwanese food that involves frying fresh oysters with an egg omelette. They have been fried in hot oil until they become golden brown. At the same time, the tender eggs form the contrast. Such a sweet delight may be seasoned with a savoury sauce, which makes this delicacy one of the favourite street foods in Taiwan.