7 Yummy Foods To Pair Your Morning Tea With
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In Indian households, tea is more than just a beverage; it's a medium for connection. Families gather around steaming cups of chai, their conversations flowing as freely as the fragrant brew itself. The morning tea ritual begins with the first light of dawn when households across India come alive with the tantalising aroma of brewing tea.

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However, chai is never served alone alone; it is always served with some other filling dish. This dish varies from region to region as every region of India has its own personal flavours and preferences. From healthy poha to crispy rusk, here are seven food items that one can pair easily with morning tea to make it special and filling.


Paratha is one of the beloved types of flatbread in India. It pairs quite well with the morning tea. The butter-greased layers and soft yet crispy mouthfeel add a very flavourful accompaniment to the milk tea, enriched with comforting spices. The paratha is served with potato curry, achaar, or yoghurt. This whole meal elevates the whole breakfast menu with variety and flavours 


Poha, a quintessential Indian breakfast dish, pairs seamlessly with morning tea, offering a delightful blend of flavours and textures to kickstart your day. This flattened rice delicacy, often seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and spices, complements the soothing warmth of tea perfectly. Its light yet satisfying nature makes it an ideal choice for a morning meal, providing a balance of carbohydrates and spices that awaken the taste buds and invigorate the senses, ensuring a refreshing start to your day.


Khari is a puff pastry type of snack that is said to have originated in Iranian cuisine first. However, it has become one of the best snacks to pair with rich Indian flavourful tea. The snack is distinguished by its flaky layers that are extremely crispy and go perfectly with the warmth and comfort of the morning tea. It is often spiced with cumin, black sesame and black pepper to give that extra flavour. 

Bun Maska

Bun maska is a popular dish from Mumbai, and it is said that this dish was directly influenced by British colonisation. This fluffy bun that is slightly toasted is smeared with a generous amount of butter before being served along with tea or coffee. This dish is a popular accompaniment to the morning teas for the people living in Mumbai. Moreover, it is also a hereditary value in Indian culinary traditions. 


Cheela, a traditional Indian pancake, is a delightful morning treat that pairs harmoniously with a steaming cup of tea. Made from a batter of gram flour (besan), water, and spices like turmeric, cumin, and chopped vegetables, it offers a burst of flavours and textures. Crisp on the edges and soft in the centre, cheela boasts a savoury profile with hints of earthiness from the gram flour and aromatic spices.


Rusk is again one of the accompaniments of morning tea that has been prevalent in every Indian household for ages now. It is made from wheat flour, sugar, milk, and butter, and for flavour, it is often infused with cardamom or vanilla extract. Its soft and mild flavour and crunchy texture make it perfect for a cup of hot tea. The experience of enjoying this snack only comes when one dips it in the tea before having it. 


Mathri, a beloved Indian snack, perfectly complements morning tea with its savoury crunch and aromatic spices. Made from a simple dough of flour, semolina, and spices like ajwain and black pepper, mathri is rolled thin and then deep-fried to golden perfection. Its irresistible crunch offers a delightful contrast to the soothing warmth of tea. The flavour profile, enriched with hints of carom seeds and pepper, adds depth to the morning ritual.