7 Ways To Utilise The Flavours of White Onions
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Onions are an indispensable part of cooking food. Almost all savoury dishes require a seasoning of some sautéed onions. They're also consumed as salads along with cucumbers and tomatoes. White onions are one of the very famous and acclaimed varieties of onions. White onions are always appreciated for their potential health benefits, which include promoting gut health and improving cardiovascular health.

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 As compared to regular red onions, white onions are a little bit more sweet and milder in taste. This is the reason why most people prefer using white onions for salad and adding them to sandwiches compared to any other kind of onion. Here are some of the top culinary uses of white onions.

* Mint Peas And Onions

Mint peas and onions is a quick dish that can be made, especially for breakfast when one is in a hurry. Since peas are naturally sweet, it is obvious that they have to be combined with a sweet and mild variety of onions. In this case, one can always go for using white onions as they are milder and complement the enticing taste of peas. Along with this, one can also add a lot of carrots and crunchy capsicums. The dish can be lightly seasoned with mild spices for an even better taste.

* Cheesy Onion Skillet

Cheesy onion skillet is a very zesty and peppery chicken recipe that is extremely versatile and can be served with some rice and potatoes on the side. To make this recipe, one has to combine some marinated chicken with finely chopped white onions, capsicum and carrots. The dish is seasoned with some very light spices like black pepper and salt. The final step is to add some mozzarella cheese to give it the final touch.

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* Tomato Salsa

Tomato salsa is the right dip to make with some chips and nachos. Instead of buying a tomato salsa from the market that has a very evident taste of preservatives, it is better to make it at home. A tomato salsa is made by combining some fresh tomatoes with onions and adding some black pepper and salt. White onions are the perfect type of onions for making this salsa as they can help milden the sourness of tomatoes. The mixture of salsa is served along with different types of bread and snacks as a starter.

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* Mashed Potatoes

Eating regular mashed potatoes can become extremely mundane. Instead, a great way to make mashed potatoes taste better is by introducing different flavours of caramelised white onions and a bit of garlic. The soft and starchy potatoes instantly absorb the zesty flavours of onions. Garlic helps in adding robust flavours and fragrance to the dish. By adding these two ingredients, one can see a massive difference in the mashed potatoes.

* Mushroom And Onion Grilled Sandwich 

A mushroom and onion grilled sandwich is the perfect dish for vegan people, and it is full of nutrition. Mushrooms can be cooked well by using lots of garlic and white onions. by using the right kind of spices, like black pepper and cumin seed powder, one can easily get a chicken-like taste and texture. This mushroom mixture can be added between two bread slices, and one can also add some vegan cheese to the top. The sandwich is crunchy, multi-flavoured and extremely decadent.

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* Onion Pie

Onion pie is a delicious savoury dish that can be served as a main course on special occasions. The dish can be made by using any kind of meat or source of protein as it is nutritious and healthy. To make the dish, one would need some white onions, bread crumbs, six large eggs, fresh parsley, Parmesan cheese, and some vegetable oil. Everything is mixed and baked in the microwave for 30 to 40 minutes at 350°C.

* Tomato, Onion, And Green Beans

Fresh green beans are a great side dish as they are healthy, crunchy, and can be made in a lot of different ways. They are the perfect accompaniment for some grilled chicken or seafood. To make tomato onion green beans, one has to make a fine paste of white onions and some fresh tomatoes. Now, this paste has to be cooked on low flame for five minutes before adding green beans. In these green beans, one has to add some salt and black pepper. Let the green beans cook until they start absorbing the tomato purée and serve hot.