7 Vermicelli Breakfast Recipes That Are Ready In 20 Minutes

When in dilemma, vermicelli is the best choice for breakfast. It is easy to cook and takes you not more than 20 minutes to serve a hot breakfast on the table. It is healthy, and with a blend of the right vegetables and masala, it can be made nutritious and delicious. Also called sevai, various versions of vermicelli are famous in Indian households.

Many mothers feed it to their kids saying that it is a healthier version of noodles. While you might know a way to cook it, there are many variations of this dish that you must try out if you are looking to serve your taste buds with something new. Try out these simple recipes and impress your friends, family, and unannounced guests with your cooking skills.

Karnataka Style Vermicelli With Mint

Breakfast is a meal with which you kickstart your day, and therefore, it has to be flavourful. In many parts of Karnataka, people use foxtail millet vermicelli and mix them with a paste of mint leaves. Amplifying the flavours of the dish are roasted urad dal and a handful of peanuts. You can try this recipe with rice vermicelli as well. The burst of flavours in your mouth will make you its fan.

Ragi Vermicelli

The best way to make your diet healthy and gluten-free is to introduce ragi into your everyday routine. Ragi vermicelli is the new way to make your breakfast healthy and delicious. The only downside is that this variety of vermicelli can become gooey soon after it is cooked, therefore, you must steam it rather than boil it. To add different notes to it, you can saute these with a handful of your favourite seasonal vegetables and spices. 

Thayir Semiya Recipe

Much like curd rice, Thayir Semiya is a unique way of preparing vermicelli. A bowl of this recipe is a perfect pick for breakfast or tea-time snacks. You temper it with roasted mustard seeds, chana dal, cashews, red chilli, and some curry leaves. If you are someone who does not like spicy notes, this dish will become your comfort food.

Egg Idiyappam Recipe

Have you ever heard of a vermicelli recipe with eggs? Well, pairing new ingredients together is the best of cooking. In this version, you cook rice vermicelli with scrambled eggs and a few spices to create a balanced but protein-rich breakfast. You can also add a couple of vegetables to enhance the taste.

Chettinad Style Tomato Vermicelli

This version of vermicelli needs only red ripped tomatoes and a handful of fragrant spices. This simple recipe will not take you more than 15-20 minutes to serve a meal on the table when you are running late. It is flavourful, nutritious, and oh-so delicious.

Kara Sevai Recipe

Have you ever tried lemon rice? Kara sevai is a version of it. This recipe can be made without using garlic or onion and tempered with roasted mustard seeds, peanuts, and chana dal. Curry leaves add a fresh flavour to this dish. Much like lemon rice, you can serve kara sevai to guests with cucumber, onion-tomato, boondi, or any other kind of raita. 

Vegetable Sevai Upma

One of the famous breakfast recipes in South Indian households is vegetable semiya or sevai upma. You add roasted vermicelli to a mix of seasonal vegetables and cook them together in a mix of spices. The upma is served with coconut or peanut chutney and can be packed for lunch for kids going to school.