7 Vegetarian British Dishes That You Must Try

British are easily known for their love of hearty meat dishes like roasted and stewed meats, game pies, and fish and chips. However, in recent years, there has been a boom in vegetarianism in the United Kingdom. This has paved the way for a shift where a flourishing array of delicious, creative, adaptable, and diverse vegetarian options become available. To be known for its plethora of non-vegetarian options, one might need to see or check twice to find vegetarian foods.

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The names of the dishes are one of the distinctive features of English cuisine. Mostly it is due to the dialect of their region and their long history with influences of different countries. An example of how culturally distinctive English dishes are evident with a dish called Black pudding. In India, pudding is predominantly served as a dessert however the main ingredient in the black pudding is the meat. A distinction that could cause some confusion. So, if you are a vegetarian who might need to understand English cuisine, let’s delve into some of the vegetarian dishes for flavours and traditions that are celebrated in the culinary landscape.

Vegetarian Full English Breakfast:

The “Full English Breakfast” might have been directed to traditional options like bacon, sausages, black pudding, etc. but it is equally possible to make a vegetarian full English breakfast. The dish comprises seitan sausages, scrambled tofu, tempeh bacon, grilled tomato, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, herbs, and toast. This particular dish is also enjoyed as a classic “hangover cure” by the British. Having it with a cup of tea ensures that the breakfast of the day fills your heart and tummy.

Ploughman’s Lunch:

The Ploughman’s lunch is known as an English cold meal that is based around cheese, crusty bread, butter, pickled or fresh onions, and salad. As the name suggests this dish is relished by the ploughman, a farmer during the lunch break in the field and it also reflects the agricultural roots of England. This is one of the most well-balanced and satisfying meals with tangy, savoury, and sharp cheesy flavours.

Bubble And Squeak:

This dish is invented to reduce the waste of vegetables from leftovers. The dish consists of mashed potatoes, and a medley of cooked vegetables combined are fried in the pan with three ounces of butter. It is stirred well until the dish is crispy. The name of the dish “Bubble and Squeak” is because of the sound it makes while cooking the ingredients. Assorted vegetables give a comforting mix of flavours which is hearty and savoury.

Creamy Cauliflower Cheese:

This is a classic side dish in the English cuisine. The name reflects the main ingredients of the dish and its preparation method. This is an easy-to-make dish where the cauliflower florets are baked and smothered in a creamy rich cheese sauce. The dish is baked until it is golden and bubbly. This dish is one of the English’s favourites as they possess a love for the comforting, creamy richness of the cheese with a vegetable twist.

Tea Time Scones:

This afternoon tea treat is enjoyed with rich and thick clotted cream, sometimes butter, and strawberry jam. A hot cup of tea and fruity sweet jam complete this delectable comforting combination. This dish is considered one of the afternoon traditions in England and enjoyed greatly by their people. It is also one of the cultural experiences that food enthusiasts could seek.

Vegetarian Pies And Pasties:

The pies and pasties are English cuisine’s much-appreciated dish in the culinary arts. These are the savoury dishes enclosed by filling with assorted vegetables within a pastry crust. This hearty and flavour-rich dish is made from various vegetables like mushrooms, carrots, peas, potatoes, herbs, spices, etc. The crust has a flaky texture giving that extra magic to the dish.

Eton Mess With Berries:

This is one of the English people’s classic favourite desserts. The ingredients consist of strawberry, whipped cream, and meringue. The “mess” in the name of the dish is an informal denotation towards the messy presentation of the dish. This desert is a true delight in taste, flavour, and texture. The combination of creaminess from the whipped cream, the juiciness of the fruit, strawberry enlightens the palates with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness. This dish is also made with bananas and that’s called Lancing mess.

These are some of the vegetarian options in the English dishes. The meat-free, flavourful, taste-rich dishes are worth the try if you are a food enthusiast or a person who loves to cook!