7 Uses Of Aluminium Foil Beyond Wrapping Food
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Aluminium foil is very popular because of its pliable structure and the metallic coating that makes it super functional. Traditionally, aluminium foil has been used in the kitchen to pack food as the food packed in aluminium foil remains fresh for a long time. Recently, the usage of aluminium foil has been impacted and relegated because of the introduction of other alternative substitutes like paper napkins and paper foils that can keep the food warm and fresh for a long time and are also a safer option as compared to aluminium foil.

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 However, what most people don't know is that aluminium foil can be used for a lot of other purposes in the kitchen to make everyday chores a lot simpler. Here are some clever ways to use aluminium foil beyond just wrapping it to keep the food warm.

* Covering Cabinets And Drawers

The cabinets and drawers of a cabinet are more susceptible to getting dirty as they are a storehouse of multiple products and the chances of spillage are always high. However, keeping aluminium foil in the drawers or the cabinets is an easy way to make sure that the dirt doesn't get stuck in different parts and corners of a cabinet. An aluminium foil can be simply cleaned with the help of a damp sponge and because of its shiny texture, it keeps the insides of a cabinet illuminated as well.

* Cleaning Grill

Cleaning the grill of the barbeque or a sandwich maker with the help of aluminium foil is a great way of taking the gunk out of the griller that might be stored in the different corners. One has to simply spray some lemon juice on the griller and keep it there for 10 to 15 minutes. Now, with the help of an aluminium foil, one has to rub different parts of a griller properly and take the gunk out.

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* Scrub Dishes

If one doesn't have a scrub in the kitchen to clean dishes, then an aluminium foil can come in handy. A ball of aluminium foil is going to perform the same function as a steel scrubber. It can help you in cleaning different types of utensils and casserole dishes. One can even clean cast iron skillets as the aluminium foil can help in removing all stains and leftover food particles that might be attached to these utensils. One simply has to use a bit of dishwasher and the utensils will be squeaky clean.

* Soften Sugar

Many times, people have to soften some hard sugar but cannot find the right technique to do it at home. To soften some hard sugar at home, one doesn't need to follow any tutorials or in-depth recipes. One simply has to take the desired amount of sugar and keep it inside an aluminium foil. Now the sugar has to be covered with aluminium foil from all the ends and then kept inside an oven at 350°C for five minutes. 

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* Protect Pie

An apple pie can burn very quickly if it is not covered properly. The correct way to cook an apple pie is to cover the edges of the pie with small rings cut out of aluminium foil. This helps prevent the crust from going brown and the crust remains protected and gets the right texture and colour. Similarly, an aluminium foil can be used to protect the other desserts that get burnt quickly.

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* Lining Air Fryer Tray

While cooking a lot of dishes, especially the ones that have to be fried in an air fryer, one has to cover the tray of the air fryer to make sure that the food doesn't spill into different parts of the equipment. The right way is to cover the tray with an aluminium foil sheet before putting in the food. The foil prevents the tray from getting dirty and one can simply take out the foil and clean the tray with the help of a paper napkin without having to wash it again and again.

* Freezing Food

Freezing food in the freezer is not as simple as many people think. Just like excess heat can burn a particular food, extremely low temperatures can also lead to freezer burn and spoil the food. Wrapping leftover food in aluminium foil and then storing it in the refrigerator or the freezer is a great way to prevent extreme levels of cold air from getting inside the food. It can also help in increasing the shelf life of the food and keeping it fresh for a longer time.