Aluminium Foil For Wrapping Food? Is It Safe To Use Or Not?
Image Credit: Aluminium Foil For Wrapping Food?

Is it harmless to use aluminium foil for food storage? If you are making lunch, the chances are that you might pack your meal in aluminium foil. It can keep your chapatis soft and moist, but there is little cause for concern. Since aluminium is reactive, it can pose risks to your well-being. 

Packing food in aluminium foil

Nowadays, everyone packs tiffin and food in aluminium foil. But do you know the food could become unhealthy and harmful after some time? Yes, the food you fill in aluminium foil (to keep it warm and soft) turns harmful after some time and can deteriorate your health. 

So let's see which food should not be packed in aluminium foil:

  • Wrapping hot food in aluminium causes Alzheimer's: In India, most people pack hot, piping rajma and chole packed in aluminium foil boxes. But do you know hot food should never be covered in foil paper or aluminium foil? It's because the hot temperature melts the foil, and its elements get mixed in the food. These may increase the chances of getting Alzheimer's and dementia.

  • Do not wrap leftover food in aluminium foil: Never pack leftover food items in aluminium foil, and do not use it while cooking or reheating food in the microwave oven. Never use aluminium utensils for cooking at home as it damages the kidneys and bones.
  • Do not pack citrus fruits in aluminium foil: Similarly, chutney made from tomatoes, citrus fruits and spicy foods should not be sealed. These foods spoil the foil, allowing bacteria to enter quickly and cause poisoning.

Takeaway Tips 

  1. Wrap sandwiches in aluminium foil- Aluminium foil can be used to store food in the fridge. For example, sandwiches can be wrapped in them. 
  2. Before wrapping food items in aluminium foil, keep the above points in mind and stay healthy.