7 Types Of Whiskey Glass That All Spirit Lovers Should Stock
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Spirit fanatics know how important it is to comply with all the rules established by the spirit industry related to the consumption of different types of spirits. The true connoisseurs of spirits are not just avid drinkers but also avid collectors.

One such famous spirit that has been the number one choice of many people for ages is whiskey. Often considered a sophisticated drink, one can find different types of whiskey prevalent in various parts of the world. One can see people collecting whiskey imported from various locations. However, this doesn't mean anything if a person has no idea about the right way of drinking whiskey.

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The type of glass that a person uses to drink their whiskey not just changes the way the drink looks, but also enhances the aroma and even the taste of the spirit. There are several types of whiskey glasses that one would find in the market. But you only need a few of them. Here is a list of some important whiskey glasses.

* Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Glencairn whiskey glass has a very defined and shaped structure. The mouth of this glass is narrower and as it keeps coming down, it starts becoming broader. It is a very short glass that is also considerably thick. Another important fact about this glass is that it doesn't have a stem. The swirling shape of this glass and the broad base give it a very put-together look. Also, the curved shape of the mouth helps in bringing out the aroma of the whiskey directly upward.

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* Neat Whiskey Glass

The purpose of a neat whiskey glass is to make the person taste the spirit. This is the very reason why the rim and the base of this glass are very wide. This glass is specifically designed in the way that it prevents any kind of nose burns that may happen because of the pungent smell of the alcohol. These types of glasses are perfect for a person who wants to taste a special type of strong whiskey without diluting it.

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* Tumbler Whiskey Glass

A tumbler whiskey glass is an old-fashioned and classic glass that is also called the rocks glass. The shape of this glass is very simple and it is one of the most common whiskey glasses that one can find in the market or hotels. One must note that this glass is not designed for tasting at all as it has a considerable potion. The wideness of this glass gives a very easy feel to the person who is carrying it. This glass is perfect for cocktails as it has a large space.

* Highball Whiskey Glass

A highball whiskey glass can be called the larger version of a tumbler glass. This glass is meant for cocktails that have different types of ingredients and a lot of ice cubes. A highball whiskey glass is generally as tall as a regular water glass. If a person is making a concoction of different spirits and other ingredients. Then they must go for a highball whiskey glass.

* Tulip Whiskey Glass

A tulip whiskey glass is also popularly called Copita. The base of Copita is designed in a way that helps in distributing the fragrance of whiskey properly. The stem of the tulip whiskey glass helps in keeping the Whiskey away from the hand so that it doesn't become home. This is a very famous type of glass that is often used for tasting as well as nosing whiskey. Remember that the potion size of this glass is not a lot and the glass is never filled to the brim. 

* Snifter Whiskey Glass

A snifter whiskey glass is a shorter version of a tulip glass. It has pretty much the same shape but is like a miniature version. This glass is also popularly known as the cognac glass and has a very wide ball-like shape. This is perfect for people who like to get the fragrance of the spirit while drinking it. The upper portion of the glass is reserved to collect the aroma of the drinks. The glass looks very visually appealing and it can be a great and elegant option for people who like to taste different types of whiskey.

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* Mason Jar

A mason jar is unlike any other glass on the list. It is a creative cocktail glass that is used when a person wants to go crazy with the ingredients that they are about to use. A mason jar generally has two handles that help a person slowly sip away the drink. This glass can also be used again and again for other purposes as well. Some of the most popular drinks that people like to have in mason jars are cranberry cocktails or whiskey milkshakes